Micropterix tunbergella

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Micropterix tunbergella
Micropterix tunbergella, Loggerheads, North Wales, May 2011 (20747081462).jpg
Micropterix tunbergella, Loggerheads, North Wales
Scientific classification
M. tunbergella
Binomial name
Micropterix tunbergella
(Fabricius, 1787)
  • Tinea tunbergella Fabricius, 1787
  • Tinea helwigella Hübner, 1805
  • Tinea rubrifasciella Haworth, 1828
  • Micropteryx depictella Herrich-Schäffer, 1851

Micropterix tunbergella is a moth of the family Micropterigidae. It is found in most of Europe, except Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, and Slovenia.[1]

The wingspan is 8–11 millimetres (0.31–0.43 in).[2] The fore wing is reddish-purple with indistinct dull golden markings present in apical third of forewing.The head is golden-yellow.[3] Adults are on wing from May to June and fly during the day.

The larval food plant is unknown, but the adults feed on the pollen of various flowering plants,[4] including Quercus, Acer pseudoplatanus and Crataegus species.


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