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StatusW3C Recommendation
First published2017-05-23
OrganizationWorld Wide Web Consortium
EditorsAaron Parecki
Base standardsHTTP, URI
Related standardsmicroformats, h-entry
DomainSocial Web, Communications protocol

Micropub (MP) [1] is a W3C Recommendation that describes a client server protocol based on HTTP to create, update, and delete posts (e.g. social media) on servers using web or native app clients. Micropub was originally developed in the IndieWebCamp community,[2] contributed to W3C,[3] and published as a W3C working draft on 2016-01-28.[4] As of 2017-05-23 it is a W3C Recommendation.[5]

Micropub uses OAuth 2.0 Bearer Tokens for authentication and accepts traditional form posts as well as JSON posts. Posted data uses a vocabulary derived from Microformats. Micropub is mostly used to create "posts", which are similar to Tweets, or micro blog posts, like those posted to Twitter. The protocol supports a variety of different content types[6] however, such as Bookmarks, Favorites, Reposts, Events, RSVPs, and Checkins. Micropub is currently supported on a variety of IndieWeb[7] compatible websites, as well as micro.blog.[8]


There are numerous Micropub implementations, both clients,[9] and servers,[10][11] many of them open source.



  • Postly
  • p3k
  • kaku
  • Micropub to GitHub
  • wordpress-micropub - a WordPress plugin
  • Transformative
  • aruna
  • Micropub for ProcessWire - a ProcessWire plugin
  • Dobrado
  • Known (software)
  • Breifly
  • Sweetroll


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