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StatusW3C Recommendation
First published2017-05-23
OrganizationWorld Wide Web Consortium
EditorsAaron Parecki
Base standardsHTTP, URI
Related standardsmicroformats, h-entry
DomainSocial Web, Communications protocol

Micropub (MP) [1] is a W3C Recommendation that describes a client–server protocol based on HTTP to create, update, and delete posts (e.g. social media) on servers using web or native app clients. Micropub was originally developed in the IndieWebCamp community,[2] contributed to W3C,[3] and published as a W3C working draft on 2016-01-28.[4] As of 2017-05-23 it is a W3C Recommendation.[5]

Micropub uses OAuth 2.0 Bearer Tokens for authentication and accepts traditional form posts as well as JSON posts. Posted data uses a vocabulary derived from Microformats. Micropub is mostly used to create "posts", which are similar to Tweets, or micro blog posts, like those posted to Twitter. The protocol supports a variety of different content types[6] however, such as Bookmarks, Favorites, Reposts, Events, RSVPs, and Checkins. Micropub is currently supported on a variety of IndieWeb[7] compatible websites, as well as micro.blog.[8]


There are numerous Micropub implementations, both clients,[9] and servers,[10][11] many of them open source.



  • Postly
  • p3k
  • kaku
  • Micropub to GitHub
  • wordpress-micropub - a WordPress plugin
  • Transformative
  • aruna
  • Micropub for ProcessWire - a ProcessWire plugin
  • Dobrado
  • Known (software)
  • Breifly
  • Sweetroll


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