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Microregion of Ijuí

Coordinates: 28°23′16″S 53°54′54″W / 28.3878°S 53.9150°W / -28.3878; -53.9150
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Microrregião de Ijuí
Location of Ijuí
StateRio Grande do Sul
MesoregionNoroeste Rio-Grandense
 • Total5,100.402 km2 (1,969.276 sq mi)

The Microregion of Ijuí (Brazilian Portuguese: Microrregião de Ijuí) was one of the Microregions of the Rio Grande do Sul state, in Brazil. It belonged to the mesoregion of the Noroeste Rio-Grandense.[1] Its population was estimated by the IBGE to be of 183.142 inhabitants in 2005, and it was divided in 15 Municipalities. Its total area was of 5.100,402 km². The IBGE has since discontinued the microregion system for population tracking, replacing it with the term "immediate geographic region" (Brazilian Portuguese: Região geográfica imediata).[2]



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28°23′16″S 53°54′54″W / 28.3878°S 53.9150°W / -28.3878; -53.9150