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Microsoft Campus Agreement or MSCA is a program intended to offer significant discounts on Microsoft products to students, faculty, and staff of select universities which enter into a yearly contract with Microsoft. (Windows XP Professional sells, at some University stores, for as low as $10.00 [2].) Each software package available under the MSCA can be purchased only once. Upon graduation, students can typically receive perpetual licenses for the purchased software.

Current Arrangement[edit]

Software sold under MSCA licenses included Windows XP Professional, versions of Microsoft Office and the Visual Studio .NET suite of developer tools.

Additionally, MSCA licensing required those who purchased Windows XP Professional have an existing Windows license and allowed for Office products to be installed on, at most, two computers.

Legacy Licenses[edit]

Prior to 2003, MSCA licensed software was distinguishable from non-MSCA licensed software in that the CDs were not holographic, did not require activation (for those products which would have otherwise required activation), and, in some cases, did not require a valid license key.

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