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Microsoft Fingerprint Reader

Microsoft Fingerprint Reader was a device sold by Microsoft, primarily for home and small business users. The underlying software providing the biometrics was developed by Digital Persona. First released on September 4, 2004,[1] the device is supported by Windows XP and Windows Vista x86 operating systems.[2] It was discontinued shortly after Windows Vista was released.[3]


The Fingerprint Reader's software allows the registration and storage of up to ten fingerprints per user. Login names and passwords associated with the registered fingerprints are stored in a database located on the user's computer. On presentation of an authorized fingerprint, the software passes the associated login names and passwords to compatible applications and websites, allowing the login operation to be performed without a keyboard.


Fingerprint readers are useful in a public environment to prevent others from seeing passwords being keyed in.[4] Another benefit is convenience. Biometric technology has since evolved to embrace more advanced and reliable authentication techniques which the Microsoft Fingerprint Reader no longer supports.

Driver support[edit]

The driver is not supported by Windows 7.[citation needed] However, the Microsoft Fingerprint Reader may be used with Windows 7 (32-bit only) by using ORCA to modify the installer package in such a way that it is no longer recognized by the application compatibility assistant.[5][better source needed]

Solution for 64-bit Windows[edit]

The Microsoft Fingerprint Reader may be modified to work with 64-bit Windows.[6]

Firefox browser support[edit]

The reader works with Firefox using the FingerFox Add-on.

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