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Microsoft Fingerprint Reader

Microsoft Fingerprint Reader was a device sold by Microsoft, primarily for homes and small businesses. The underlying software providing the biometrics was developed by Digital Persona.

Fingerprint readers are more secure, reliable and convenient than a normal traditional password,[1] although they have been subject to spoofing. A fingerprint recognition system is more tightly linked to a specific user than, e.g., an access card, which can be stolen.[2]


First released on September 4 2004,[3] this device was supported by Windows XP and Windows Vista x86 operating systems.[4] It was discontinued shortly after Windows Vista was released.[5]


The Fingerprint Reader's software allows the registration of up to ten fingerprints per device. Login names and passwords associated with the registered fingerprints were stored in a database on the user's computer.

On presentation of an authorized fingerprint, the software passes the associated login names and passwords to compatible applications and websites, allowing login without a keyboard. If the software finds that the particular fingerprint does not match one it its database, it declines the access.


64-bit Windows[edit]

The Microsoft Fingerprint Reader[6] may be modified to work with 64-bit Windows.[7]

Firefox browser[edit]

The reader works with Firefox using the FingerFox Add-on.

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