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Microsoft Production Studios is the digital media production wing for Microsoft, responsible for the creation, aggregation, distribution, management and measurement of content. It is located in building 127 on Microsoft's main Redmond campus.

Microsoft Studios creates media for large corporate events, PR, internal communications, Microsoft products, services and websites, StudioCasts and others for communication experts and marketers at Microsoft. Microsoft Studios also manages internal and external distribution/webcast hosting for both live and on-demand events and productions. They produce live, taped or live-to-video tape television productions that can be distributed worldwide via satellite and fiber-optics or streamed directly via the intranet/internet.

Teams at Microsoft Studios[edit]

Creative Services[edit]

Production and Post Production[edit]

Microsoft Studios is one of the largest technical production facilities in the Pacific Northwest[1] with three sound stages, a screen capture studio, three audio studios and editing suites. Microsoft Studios' video post-production suites utilize Adobe Creative Cloud in order to maintain compatibility with other post production facilities.

Encoding and Distribution[edit]

Microsoft Music Library[edit]

The MS Music Library holds an enormous collection of the finest production music catalogues from around the world.

Digital media asset management[edit]

Microsoft Studios has several digital assets currently archived and indexed for immediate retrieval and delivery.

Name Change[edit]

In the Summer of 2011, the Microsoft Xbox Team took the Microsoft Studios name and the old Microsoft Studios team changed their name to Microsoft Production Studios.

Content produced at Microsoft Studios[edit]


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