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.NET Compiler Platform, better known by its codename "Roslyn", is a set of open-source compilers and code analysis APIs for C# and Visual Basic .NET languages from Microsoft.[1]

The project notably includes self-hosting versions of the C# and VB.NET compilers – compilers written in the languages themselves. The compilers are available via the traditional command-line programs but also as APIs available natively from within .NET code. Roslyn exposes modules for syntactic (lexical) analysis of code, semantic analysis, dynamic compilation to CIL, and code emission.[2]



Microsoft made a community technology preview (CTP) available for public download in October 2011. It installs as an extension to Visual Studio 2010 SP1.[3]

The CTP was updated on September 2012[4] to include many updates to the Roslyn APIs introduced in the June 2012 and October 2011 CTPs, including breaking changes.[5] While the June 2012 CTP API is complete for the compilers, not all features have been implemented for the C# and VB.NET languages.[6]

At the Build 2014 conference in San Francisco April 2014, Microsoft made the "Roslyn" project open-source and released a preview of the language integration for Visual Studio 2013. As of April 3, 2014, Roslyn is under the Apache License 2.0.[1] The project was effectively transferred under the stewardship of the newly founded .NET Foundation.[7] At the same conference, Xamarin announced that they are working on integrating the new compilers and tools in Xamarin Studio.

The compilers are not feature-complete in this release. Each of the compilers contains features that are planned for the coming language versions (C# 6 and Visual Basic.NET 14). The APIs are also available through the NuGet package manager.

On January 2015[8] Microsoft moved the Roslyn source code from CodePlex to GitHub.

Roslyn's first RTM release was with Visual Studio 2015.[9]


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