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Microsoft Small Business Financials (formerly Microsoft Small Business Manager) is a business accounting software package. The software is targeting growing small businesses that require more than basic accounting software:[1] with fewer than 25 employees[2] and less than $10 million of revenue. It is part of Microsoft Dynamics (formerly Microsoft Business Solutions) family. It is based on Microsoft Dynamics GP and runs on top of free Microsoft MSDE[3] or SQL Server Express database.[4] Microsoft Small Business Financials and Microsoft Dynamics GP are built on the same platform, so migration to Microsoft Dynamics GP is very simple and straightforward.[2]

The current version is 9.0. As of January 1, 2009 Small Business Financials 9.0 is no longer for sale to new customers.

The following features are included with the product:[5]

Additional features that may be purchased separately from Microsoft are:

In October 2008 Microsoft announced that Microsoft Small Business Financials is being discontinued and Microsoft is providing a highly discounted migration path to Dynamics GP.[6]

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