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Microsoft TV was a division within Microsoft Corporation that developed smart TV software platforms for use in set top boxes to access programming over a cable TV network. It provided integrated audio, video, and data services over a single network.



UltimateTV was a DirecTV receiver, with integrated digital video recorder (DVR) and Internet access capabilities. It was Microsoft's second product to integrate a built-in satellite tuner with a DVR and Internet access in a set-top box. It was released on October 26, 2000. The software to decode and view digital video programming was derived from WebTV (later called MSN TV). UltimateTV had support for picture-in-picture and could record up to 35 hours of video content. The Internet capabilities were provided by Microsoft TV platform software, which was used for the TV guide. The TV guide could display programming schedule for 14 days, and recording could be scheduled for any of the shows. It could also be used to access E-mail.[1] However, Microsoft lost distribution when DirecTV accepted an acquisition bid by Echostar, who had their own DVR. By 2003, it was taken off the market, even though it is still supported by DirecTV and the acquisition by Echostar failed.

Foundation Edition[edit]

The Microsoft TV Foundation Edition platform integrated video-on-demand (VOD), DVR and HDTV programming with live television programming. It includes an interactive programming guide (IPG) that could be used to access any supported service from a centralized directory. The IPG could be used to search and filter the listings as well. The IPG was released around 2002.[2] Comcast announced it would adopt this software in May 2004.[3]

Microsoft TV Foundation Edition platform also included an authoring environment that could be used to create content consumable from the set top box.

IPTV Edition[edit]

Microsoft TV IPTV Edition is an IPTV platform for accessing both on-demand as well as live television content over a 2-way IP network, coupled with DVR functionality. It is to be used with cable networks that have an IPTV infrastructure.


Microsoft published Microsoft Mediaroom on June 18, 2007.[4] On April 8, 2013, Microsoft and Ericsson announced plans for Ericsson to purchase Mediaroom. The sale was completed on September 5, 2013.[5]

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