Microsoft YaHei

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Microsoft YaHei
Microsoft YaHei.svg
Category Sans-serif
Classification East Asian gothic typeface
Commissioned by Microsoft
Foundry Founder Electronics, Monotype Imaging (hinting)
Date created 1997-07-18
Trademark Microsoft

Microsoft YaHei (Chinese: 微软雅黑; pinyin: Wēiruǎn Yǎhēi) is a sans-serif gothic typeface created by Founder Electronics and Monotype Corporation under commission from Microsoft. Hinting for the font was undertaken by Monotype Imaging.[1]

The font family includes two fonts in regular and bold weights: named MSYH.TTF and 'Microsoft YaHei Bold' in a separate file, MSYHBD.TTF. OpenType features include vertical writing.

Microsoft YaHei has been distributed with Windows since Windows Vista, and is the default user interface font when the language is set to Simplified Chinese. It aims to be more legible than its SimSun predecessor when used with ClearType. It is also included in the Simplified Chinese version of Microsoft Office 2007.

Downloading and installing the Simplified Chinese ClearType fonts for Windows XP from Microsoft also makes Microsoft YaHei available on Windows XP.[2]

The font file contains all 20,902 original CJK Unified Ideographs code points specified in Unicode, plus approximately 80 code points defined by the Standardization Administration of China. It supports GBK character set, with localized glyphs.

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