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FoundedJanuary, 2009
FounderVille Miettinen, Harri Holopainen, Otto Chrons, Panu Wilska

Microtask is a Finnish technology company founded by Ville Miettinen, Harri Holopainen, Otto Chrons and Panu Wilska in 2009[1] to create a technology platform for crowdsourcing and distributed work.[2]

The company is headquartered in Helsinki, and has offices in Tampere and San Francisco.

Microtask was selected as one of the finalists of the Nordic Tech Tour 2010.[3]


Microtask Platform is a software platform for global distribution of short-duration tasks to online workers. The system supports automated quality assurance and provides service-level agreements for task quality and turnaround times.[4] The most notable use case for such tasks has been human-assisted optical character recognition.[5]


CEO Ville Miettinen and Managing Director Harri Holopainen were co-founders of Hybrid Graphics, a Finnish graphics technology company acquired by NVIDIA in 2006.[6] CTO Otto Chrons was the co-founder and CTO of Ionific (merged with Botnia Hightech and acquired by Sasken Communication Technologies [7]).

The company is funded by private investors and the venture fund Sunstone Capital,[1] which is represented by board member Nikolaj Nyholm, a Danish serial technology entrepreneur and investor.


The National Library of Finland uses the Microtask Platform for outsourcing its digitization work to volunteers.[8][9]


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