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Single by Pitchshifter
from the album www.pitchshifter.com
Released 1998
Format 7", CD
Recorded 1997
Genre Industrial rock, nu metal, drum and bass
Length 3.28
Label Geffen
Writer(s) JS Clayden, Mark D. Clayden, Johnny A. Carter
Pitchshifter singles chronology

"Microwaved" is a song from industrial metal band, Pitchshifter. It is the second single from their fourth full-length album, www.pitchshifter.com.

The song was featured on the video games Twisted Metal 3 and Test Drive 5, both for the PlayStation.

Track listing[edit]

UK 7" version[edit]

  1. "Microwaved"
  2. "Genius (Deejay Punk Roc Dubalicious Mix)"

US 7" version[edit]

  1. "Microwaved"
  2. "Genius"

12" version[edit]

  1. "Microwaved (LP Version)"
  2. "Genius (Deejay Punk-Roc Dubalicious Mix)"
  3. "Genius (Lunatic Calm Mix)"