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Yodoyabashi intersection of Midōsuji
In Autumn

Midōsuji (御堂筋, Midō-suji) Boulevard is the primary main street in central Osaka, Japan. It runs north-south, passing Umeda, Shinsaibashi, Dōtonbori, Ame-mura, and Namba districts. Underneath the street is the Midōsuji Line subway.


In Edo period, Midosuji was just a narrow street called "Yodoyabashisuji (淀屋橋筋)". Midōsuji was built in the Taishō period, widening an existing north-south street and extending it to run all the way to Umeda in the north and Namba in the south.

Today Midōsuji is an ultra high-class shopping street, housing clothing stores by such brands as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, major hotels, and even an Apple flagship.

The area has been referred to in songs by popular artists such as Hitomi Yaida on her album It's a New Day.


Point Coordinates
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Ōsaka Station 34°42′06″N 135°29′55″E / 34.7018°N 135.4986°E / 34.7018; 135.4986 (Ōsaka Station) Umeda
Keihan National Highway 34°41′54″N 135°30′02″E / 34.6983°N 135.5005°E / 34.6983; 135.5005 (Keihan National Highway) The terminus of Japan National Route 1
Shin-Midōsuji 34°41′47″N 135°30′05″E / 34.6963°N 135.5013°E / 34.6963; 135.5013 (Shin-Midōsuji)
Nakanoshima 34°41′38″N 135°30′04″E / 34.6938°N 135.5011°E / 34.6938; 135.5011 (Nakanoshima) Nakanoshima
Chūō Ōdōri 34°40′54″N 135°30′02″E / 34.6818°N 135.5006°E / 34.6818; 135.5006 (Chūō Ōdōri)
Nagahori-dōri 34°40′30″N 135°30′01″E / 34.6751°N 135.5004°E / 34.6751; 135.5004 (Nagahori-dōri) Shinsaibashi
Dōtonbori Canal 34°40′08″N 135°30′01″E / 34.669°N 135.5003°E / 34.669; 135.5003 (Dōtonbori Canal) Dōtonbori
Sennichimae-dōri 34°40′02″N 135°30′01″E / 34.6671°N 135.5003°E / 34.6671; 135.5003 (Sennichimae-dōri)
Namba 34°39′53″N 135°30′00″E / 34.6647°N 135.4999°E / 34.6647; 135.4999 (Namba) Namba

Midōsuji becomes the Minoo Toll Road[1] to the north, and the Kishu Highway[2] to the south.