Mid-City West, Los Angeles

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Mid-City West is a subregion in the western part of the Wilshire area in the city of Los Angeles, California. While it may be confused with the Mid-Wilshire area or the Westside, the city designates it as a separate area, encompassing the area south of Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Boulevard, Willoughby Avenue, Romaine Street, W. 6th St. and Wilshire Boulevard, west of La Brea Avenue and South Cochran Avenue, and north of San Vicente Boulevard, Olympic Boulevard, Melrose Avenue, the Pico-Robertson neighborhood in West Los Angeles border (Olympic Boulevard and San Vicente Boulevard), Burton Way, Clifton Way, and east of Doheny Drive, North Kings Road, North Sweetzer Avenue, La Cienega Boulevard, Schumacher Drive, Robertson Boulevard, San Vicente Boulevard and North Gardner Street.

The area borders the City of West Hollywood on the north, Beverly Hills and the Pico-Robertson neighborhood in West Los Angeles on the west and south, and is surrounded on the east and south by the Mid-Wilshire district.

A popular nickname for the neighborhood is Midtown or Mid-city.


The population of mid city west (as of 2006) is around 47,000. The racial make up of mid-city west is, 74.78% White, 4.74% Black, 0.24% American Indian & Alaska Native alone, 10.49% Asian, 0.06% Native Hawaiian & other Pacific Islander alone, 2.08% other races, 3.78% two or more races, and 6.22% Hispanic or Latino.

The neighborhoods of Mid-City West[edit]