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Mid-Michigan Track Club is a running club in the Lansing area that has been serving the region since 1967. It was one of the first running clubs among Midwest states to have age-grouped awards in the 1970s.

Currently MMTC has around 100 members, but the workouts are open to public as well. All events are timed, with no entry fees. Summer goals are to peak for 5k and 10k racing by weekly interval sessions. Winter goals are to maintain conditioning, stimulate a harder than normal run each Saturday and enjoy the off season with running comrades.


Here is a list and details about some workouts that have been repeated year after year.

A winter workout

Tombstone Ten miler[edit]

This is a hilly workout repeating a 1 mile loop 10 times. It is usually run in mid-February. In 2006 the 33rd Tombstone Ten was run, 32 people completed 10 laps.

Annual 30K[edit]

This run starts near Potter Park Zoo entrance. It's a good time trial and a long run for Boston marathoners. In 2006 the 30th Annual 30K was run.

Get ready for CRIM[edit]

This is one of the longer workouts of the summer, 10 repeats of 800m with 2 minute rests on a hilly stretch of Mt Hope parallel to Aurelius Road.

Trifecta Meet[edit]

Takes place at the MSU or East Lansing High School track, this workout includes three events: 1 heat mile, 2 or 3 heats of 800m and 3 or 4 heats of 400m. Instead of a workout format, this is more in a race format. It is usually run in early September.

Annual 25K[edit]

This run starts near Potter Park Zoo entrance, using the Lansing River Trail. In 2005 the 32nd Annual 25K was run and 33 runners ran different distances. It is usually run in early December. In 2006 due to flooded river, the course had to change, and runners ran several laps in Potter Park Zoo parking lot.

3 mile Prediction Run[edit]

This run takes place in either Potter Park or Hawk Island Park. The runners have to write down their estimated time before the run, and are not allowed to check the time while running. The goal is to finish within 30 seconds of your estimated time.

Champagne Run[edit]

This is usually run in the first week of January, as a celebration of the New Year.

Some MMTC history[edit]

In the Boston Marathon, in 1980, there were three-man club teams. Mid-Michigan Track Club team fnished 2nd behind the Atlanta Track Club team of Benji Durden (6th), Jeff Galloway (32), and Randy Stroud (136th). Mid-Michigan was Duane Spitz (25) 2:21:03, Doug Kurtis (43) 2:24:25, and Jim Carter (105) 2:29:38.

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