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The Mid-South is an informally-defined region in the United States, usually thought to be anchored by the Memphis metropolitan area and consisting of West Tennessee, North Mississippi, Southern Missouri, Western Kentucky, Central, Northeast, and Northwest Arkansas, and Northwest Alabama.[1] Southern Illinois is sometimes included in this region.

Although the region has no formally established boundaries, the designation has been used by various businesses and institutions generally operating in the region. For example, Victory University, located in Memphis, was originally named the Mid-South Bible Center when it was incorporated in 1944, and was thereafter renamed to the Mid-South Bible Institute in 1948, and to the Mid-South Bible College in 1960. From 1981 to 1987, a Mid-South Business Journal was in publication also.


Coordinates: 35°30′N 89°00′W / 35.5°N 89°W / 35.5; -89