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Not to be confused with the Mid-State Conference in southeastern and south-central Illinois, which had different schools.

The Mid-State 6 Conference was a high school athletics conference in central Illinois, made up of the high schools in Peoria, Illinois plus various other schools over the course of its existence. It existed for several decades:[citation needed] previous names included MidState 8, MidState 9 in the 1960s,[1] Mid-State 10 in the 1980s and 1990s.[2]

As of December 2013, the only schools remaining were in the city of Peoria: Peoria Notre Dame and the three general public high schools Manual, Peoria (Central), and Richwoods.[3][4] Those schools were set to join the Big 12 Conference by 2015.[needs update][3][5]


After IVC High School and Quincy Notre Dame left the Mid-State 6, a merger with the Western Big 6 Conference was set to begin in 2013 with football. However, when Manual's prior obligation to play Eureka made it unable to schedule a game with Moline High School, the merger failed, with the Mid-State 6 schools instead playing officially as independents against Western Big 6 Conference schools in football during the 2013–2014 school year.[5]

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