Mid-State Correctional Facility

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Mid-State Correctional Facility
Location 9005 Old River Road
Marcy, New York
Status open
Security class mixed
Capacity 1754
Opened 1983
Managed by New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision

Mid-State Correctional Facility is located in the Town of Marcy, between the cities of Rome and Utica in New York State. From about 1912 through 1982 the state ran a state aslyum on these grounds. That institution would grow to hold 3,000 patients. Mid-State opened as a correctional institution, in the extensive former hospital buildings, in 1983.[citation needed]

Mid-State has grown and now includes maximum security blocks, opened in 1998.[1] These blocks are called "S" blocks, and consist of prisoners living in little box-shaped rooms. These prisoners are let out for only one hour during the day, and remain isolated for the remaining 23. The place where they are allowed to go outside mimics their room except that it is outside, and surrounded by a fence. Even though Mid-State has a maximum security building it is still considered to only be a medium security prison. Mid-State cleared the way for its neighbor, Marcy Correctional Facility located across the street, and two others the Oneida Correctional Facility and Mohawk Correctional Facility.[citation needed]

Phase One[edit]

During the first phase of the prison, Mid-State shared its place with a hospital that took care of the criminally insane.[2] The hospital was known as the Central New York Psychiatric Center.[citation needed]

Phase Two[edit]

The second phase took place in 1986. This increased the size of the site that the hospital and Mid-State had to share. Eventually the whole site was left to Mid-State and the Central New York Psychiatric Center. Since 1983 there have not been any escapes or other troublesome incidents. There are 87,100 feet (26,500 m) of coiled razor sharp wire to prevent prisoners from escaping.[citation needed]

Mid-State today[edit]

Mid-State has provided many jobs to people in New York. Mid-State consists of over 1,000 acres (4.0 km2) of land, with buildings dating back to the 1920s. Among the older buildings, there are many new and improved facilities as well. The structures of the new buildings maintain the same look as the original, consisting of red brick.[citation needed] There are two new buildings, the medical building and the "S" block, which is the only maximum security part of the prison. There is also a large recreation yard that has a racquetball court, basketball court, football field, and also a gym, which the prisoners use the most. In addition to the outdoor area there are many other things to keep up around the prison, and it is the inmates' responsibility to take care of and maintain them all.[citation needed] For the good prisoners and the ones who are only in for a short time, they are taken out on a prison bus around Oneida County. They help clean up the city and surrounding areas by picking up garbage along the sides of the roads, mowing church lawns, and helping with other outdoor maintenance.[citation needed]

Notable prisoners[edit]


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