Mid Ulster District Council

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Mid Ulster District Council

Comhairle Ceantair Lár Uladh
Mid Ulstèr Airts Cooncil
Coat of arms or logo
Founded1 April 2015
Preceded byCookstown District Council
Dungannon and South Tyrone Borough Council
Magherafelt District Council
Councillor Martin Kearney, Social Democratic and Labour Party
Deputy Chair
Councillor Clement Cuthbertson, Democratic Unionist Party
Mid Ulster District Council 2019.svg
Political groups
  Sinn Féin (17)
  DUP (9)
  UUP (6)
  SDLP (5)
  Independents (2)
  Aontú (1)[1]
Last election
2 May 2019

Mid Ulster District Council (Irish: Comhairle Ceantair Lár Uladh; Ulster-Scots: Mid Ulstèr Airts Cooncil[2]) is a local authority that was established on 1 April 2015. It replaced Cookstown District Council, Dungannon and South Tyrone Borough Council and Magherafelt District Council. The first elections to the authority took place on 22 May 2014 and it acted as a shadow authority, prior to the creation of the Mid Ulster district on 1 April 2015.



From To Name Party
2015 2016 Linda Dillon Sinn Féin
2016 2017 Trevor Wilson Ulster Unionist
2017 2018 Kim Ashton DUP
2018 2019 Seán McPeake Sinn Féin
2019 2020 Martin Kearney SDLP

Vice Chair[edit]

From To Name Party
2015 2016 Kim Ashton DUP
2016 2017 Sharon McAleer SDLP
2017 2018 Mark Glasgow Ulster Unionist
2018 2019 Frances Burton DUP
2019 2020 Clement Cuthbertson DUP


For the purpose of elections the council is divided into seven district electoral areas (DEA):[3]

Area Seats
Carntogher 5
Clogher Valley 6
Cookstown 7
Dungannon 6
Magherafelt 5
Moyola 5
Torrent 6

Seat summary[edit]

Party Elected 2014 Elected 2019 Current
Sinn Féin 18 17 17
DUP 8 9 9
UUP 7 6 6
SDLP 6 6 5
Aontú 0 0 1
Independents 1 2 2

Councillors by electoral area[edit]

Current council members
District electoral area Name Party
Carntogher Brian McGuigan Sinn Féin
Kyle Black DUP
Martin Kearney SDLP
Sean McPeake Sinn Féin
Cora Groogan Sinn Féin
Clogher Valley Frances Burton DUP
Sharon McAleer SDLP
Seán McGuigan Sinn Féin
Phelim Gildernew Sinn Féin
Wills Robinson DUP
Meta Graham Ulster Unionist
Cookstown Cathal Mallaghan Sinn Féin
John McNamee Sinn Féin
Kerri Hughes SDLP
Wilbert Buchanan DUP
Gavin Bell Sinn Féin
Trevor Wilson Ulster Unionist
Mark Glasgow Ulster Unionist
Dungannon Clement Cuthbertson DUP
Barry Monteith Independent
Kim Ashton DUP
Dominic Molloy Sinn Féin
Walter Cuddy Ulster Unionist
Denise Mullen ‡ Aontú
Magherafelt Darren Totten Sinn Féin
Christine McFlynn SDLP
Seán Clarke Sinn Féin
Wesley Brown DUP
Paul McLean DUP
Moyola Ian Milne Sinn Féin
Anne Forde DUP
Catherine Elattar Sinn Féin
Donal McPeake Sinn Féin
Derek McKinney Ulster Unionist
Torrent Malachy Quinn SDLP
Dan Kerr Independent
Robert Colvin Ulster Unionist
Niall McAleer † Sinn Féin
Joe O'Neill Sinn Féin
Niamh Doris Sinn Féin

Co-opted to fill a vacancy since the election.
New party affiliation since the election.
Last updated 28 March 2020.

For further details see 2019 Mid Ulster District Council election.


The area covered by the new Council has a population of 138,590 residents according to the 2011 Northern Ireland census.[5]


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