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Midas Interactive Entertainment is a European publisher of computer, PDA, mobile phone and video games. Midas Interactive Entertainment is based on the outskirts of Braintree in Essex, England .

Most of the console games published by Midas are "budget" releases sold at a lower price than the majority of new titles, and are often localised Japanese titles - many of which were also released at a budget price in Japan.

Games published by Midas[edit]

Name Alternate Names Release Date Developer
A-Train 6 A Ressha de Ikou 6 19 March 2004 Artdink
Air Ranger: Rescue Helicopter   22 November 2002 ASK
Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2   20 September 2002 3DO
Prism Land   2000 unknown
BCV: Battle Construction Vehicles Kensetsu Juuki Kenka Battle: Buchigire Kongou! 28 November 2003 Artdink
Boxing Champions The Boxing: Real Fist Fight 7 November 2003 D3 Publisher / Tamsoft
Bust-a-Bloc The Block Kuzushi Hyper 31 October 2003 D3 Publisher / Tamsoft
Castrol HONDA SuperBike World Champions
  • UK: Mar 24, 1998
Interactive Entertainment Ltd
Castrol HONDA Superbike 2000
  • EU: July 1999
Interactive Entertainment Ltd
Castrol HONDA VTR (Europe)[1] Castrol Honda VTR (Japan)[2] Feb 9, 2001 (Europe)[3] Karma Studios[4]
Centre Court: Hard Hitter Tennis Hard Hitter Tennis 15 March 2002 Magical Company
Chris Kamara's Street Soccer Street Soccer 25 August 2000 Pixel Storm
Crescent Suzuki Racing   1 October 2004 Kuju Entertainment
Detonator Buile Baku 19 March 2004 Kadokawa Shoten
Dirt Track Devils The Offroad Buggy 31 October 2003 D3 Publisher / Vingt-et-un Systems
Dynasty Warriors 2 Shin Sangoku Musou 24 November 2000 Koei / Omega Force
Eternal Quest The Dungeon RPG - Nin: Mamono no Sumushiro   D3 Publisher / Tamsoft
Fighting Fury Grappler Baki: Baki Saidai no Tournament 26 July 2003 Tomy
Football Generation   5 November 2004  
Fortune Cookie   30 November 1999  
Freak Out Hippa Linda, Stretch Panic   Treasure Video Games
G-Surfers HSX: HyperSonic.Xtreme 25 January 2002 Blade Interactive
Go Go Golf Magical Sports: Go Go Golf   Magical Company
GP Challenge   2002 Midas Interactive Entertainment
GT-R 400     Kuju
Hard Hitter 2 Magical Sports: HardHitter 2 13 March 2003 Magical Company
Heracles Chariot Racing   6 July 2007 Neko Entertainment
Heroes of Might and Magic: Quest for the Dragon Bone Staff   20 September 2002 3DO
Hidden Invasion     Toka
International Cue Club CueClube/Cue Club (Europe), Real Pool (US), EX Billiards (Japan) 20 September 2002 Takara
International Cue Club 2 Cue Club - Snooker & Pool (PC), Real Pool 2 (US) 2 September 2005 Icon
Lakemasters EX   17 May 2002 Dazz
League Series Baseball 2 Magical Sports 2001 Kōshien 5 March 2004 Magical Company
Maken Shao: Demon Sword Maken Shao 26 July 2003 Atlus
MaXXed Out Racing Saisoku! Zoku Kuruma King - Futsu Haji Giri Densetsu 19 March 2004 D3 Publisher
Mr. Golf Motto Golful Golf 11 April 2003 Artdink / DigiCube
Operation WinBack Winback 28 September 2001 Koei
Operation Air Assault   29 October 2004  
Pacific Warriors II: Dogfight   1 October 2004  
Penny Racers Choro Q HG, Gadget Racers 17 May 2002 Takara
Project Minerva Professional   5 November 2004 D3 Publisher / Taito Corporation
Robot Warlords Velvet File 14 December 2001 Dazz
Rollercoaster World The Jet Coaster - Yuuenchi wo Tsukurou!   D3 Publisher / Bimboosoft
Sanvein   30 March 2000 Success
Sergei Bubka's Millennium Games   January 2000  
Ski Air Mix   1 September 2000 KID
Sky Surfer Ultimate Sky Surfer   Idea Factory
Snowboard Racer 2 The Snowboard 7 November 2003 D3 Publisher / Atelier Double / HuneX
Steel Dragon EX The Shooting: Double Shienryu 1 October 2004 D3 Publisher / Warashi
The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas      
The Seed: War Zone The Seed 28 November 2003 Artdink
The Sniper 2 The Sniper 2: Akumu no Jaudan 5 March 2004 D3 Publisher / Bestmedia
They Came From The Skies     NAPS Team
Tokyo Road Race Battle Gear 2 1 November 2002 Taito Corporation
Ultimate Mind Games The Table Game Sekaihen   D3 Publisher / Yuki Enterprise
Warriors of Might and Magic     3DO
WWI: Aces of the Sky     NAPS Team
WWII: Battle Over The Pacific     NAPS Team
WWII: Soldier   28 April 2006 Atomic Planet Entertainment Ltd
WWII: Tank Battles   28 April 2006 InterActive Vision Games
X-Treme Express Tetsu 1: Densha de Battle! World Grand Prix   Syscom


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