Middle Andaman Island

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Middle Andaman Island
Middle Andaman locale.png
Outline map of the Andaman Islands, with the location of Middle Andaman Island highlighted (in red).
Middle Andaman Island is located in Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Middle Andaman Island
Middle Andaman Island
Location of Middle Andaman Island
LocationBay of Bengal
Coordinates12°30′00″N 92°50′00″E / 12.5°N 92.833333°E / 12.5; 92.833333Coordinates: 12°30′00″N 92°50′00″E / 12.5°N 92.833333°E / 12.5; 92.833333
ArchipelagoAndaman Islands
Adjacent bodies of waterIndian Ocean
Total islands1
Major islands
  • Middle Andaman Island
Area1,523 km2 (588 sq mi)[1]
Length70 km (43 mi)
Width28 km (17.4 mi)
Coastline272 km (169 mi)
Highest elevation512 m (1,680 ft)[2]
Highest pointMount Diavolo
DistrictNorth and Middle Andaman
Island groupAndaman Islands
Island sub-groupGreat Andaman
Largest settlementRangat Metropolitan (pop 10,000)
Population55,632 (2011)Only middle andaman villages from the 2011 census
Pop. density36.5 /km2 (94.5 /sq mi)
Ethnic groupsHindu, Andamanese, Jarawa
Additional information
Time zone
Telephone code031927[4]
ISO codeIN-AN-00[5]
Official websitewww.and.nic.in
Avg. summer temperature30.2 °C (86.4 °F)
Avg. winter temperature23.0 °C (73.4 °F)
Sex ratio1.2/
Census Code35.639.0004
Official LanguagesHindi, English

Middle Andaman Island is an island of the Andaman Islands. It belongs to the North and Middle Andaman administrative district, part of the Indian union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.[6]


The island belongs to the Great Andaman Chain and is located 73 km (45 mi) north from Port Blair. It is the central island of the Great Andaman archipelago of India, with a total area of 1,536 km². Middle Andaman is separated from North Andaman Island by Austen Strait, and from Baratang Island at the south by Homfray's Strait, both shallow and narrow channels, a few hundred metres wide; and from Interview Island at its west by the navigable Interview Passage.[7]

The island's coastline was inundated by the tsunami resulting from the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake (26th Dec), though the effect was far less severe when compared with other Islands of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.


Politically, Middle Andaman Island, is part of Mayabunder and Rangat Tehsils.[8] [9][10]


Population of Middle Andaman consists of Bengali, Tamil and Keralite settlers. The island is also home to many of the indigenous Jarawa people. The main occupation of the inhabitants is farming and Agriculture.

Middle Andaman's main towns (Metro population in brackets) are Rangat (10,000), Mayabunder (5,565), Bakultala (4,454), Nimbutala (3,063), and Kadamtala (3,008).

According to the 2011 census of India, the Island has x households. The effective literacy rate (i.e. the literacy rate of population excluding children aged 6 and below) is 76%.[11]

Demographics (2011 Census)[11]
Total Male Female
Population 55632 28767 26865
Children aged below 6 years 2065 1039 1026
Scheduled caste 0 0 0
Scheduled tribe 3 3 3
Literates 42294 22946 19348
Workers (all) 2 2 0
Main workers (total) 2 2 0


The island hosts immaculate waterfalls, and pretty beaches. Adventurous fun such as Island camping, trekking, Scuba diving, snorkeling, and other exciting water sports offer you chance to indulge in real pleasure. [12]


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