Middle Creek (Cocalico Creek tributary)

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Middle Creek
CountryLebanon and Lancaster Counties, Pennsylvania, United States[1]
Physical characteristics
 - locationSchaefferstown, Pennsylvania
 - elevation318 feet (97 m)[1]
 - location
Cocalico Creek at Rothsville, Pennsylvania
Length15.5 miles (24.9 km)

Middle Creek[1] is a 15.5-mile-long (24.9 km)[2] tributary of Cocalico Creek in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in the United States. There is a dam between Hopeland and Kleinfeltersville creating a small lake in the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area, also known as State Game Lands #46.

Middle Creek joins Cocalico Creek just upstream from Hammer Creek near the village of Rothsville.

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Coordinates: 40°09′52″N 76°13′57″W / 40.16444°N 76.23250°W / 40.16444; -76.23250