Middle Creek (Toms Creek)

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Middle Creek
Monocacy River watershed
Country United States
States Pennsylvania, Maryland
Counties Adams, Frederick
Mouth Toms Creek
 - coordinates 39°41′05″N 77°17′46″W / 39.6846°N 77.2962°W / 39.6846; -77.2962Coordinates: 39°41′05″N 77°17′46″W / 39.6846°N 77.2962°W / 39.6846; -77.2962

Middle Creek is a 17.1-mile-long (27.5 km)[1] tributary of Toms Creek in Pennsylvania and Maryland in the United States.[2]

Middle Creek is born on the eastern slope of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and from there flows through Adams County, Pennsylvania and Frederick County, Maryland to join Toms Creek near Emmitsburg.[2]

Water from Middle Creek flows via Toms Creek, the Monocacy River, and the Potomac River to Chesapeake Bay and eventually the Atlantic Ocean.

Intersections, north-to-south
Intersection Location/Description Coordinates
Source South Mountain [specify]
Perennial point[3] 39°48′05″N 77°26′29″W / 39.80132°N 77.44149°W / 39.80132; -77.44149
confluence Swamp Creek
confluence Spring Run
confluence Muddy Run
state line Adams County, Pennsylvania & Frederick County, Maryland
mouth Toms Creek

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