Middle Hulton

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Middle Hulton
 • 1891 1,517 acres (6.14 km2)[1]
 • 1801 819
 • 1891 2,703
 • Created Middle Ages
 • Abolished 1898
Status Township (until 1866),
Civil parish (1866–1898)

Middle Hulton was a township of the civil and ecclesiastical parish of Deane in the Salford hundred of Lancashire, England. It was located 3.5 miles (5.6 km) south-west of Bolton.[2]


The ancient district of Hulton contained three townships, Over Hulton, Middle Hulton and Little Hulton.[3] It was recorded as Helghtun and Hulton in 1235, Hilton in 1278 and 1292 and Hulton in 1292, although Hilton was still used until the 17th century.[4] The chief manor was held by the Hultons at Hulton Park in Over Hulton.[5]

Land belonging to the Hultons was sold to the Earl of Ellesmere. There were coal mines and quarries in the 19th century. It was near the Bolton and Leigh Railway.


The Cutacre site was granted planning permission in 2001 for the surface mining of 900,000 tonnes of coal and reworking of the spoil tip. The operation was expected to last for 4 years and began in 2006. The restoration scheme would create over 100 hectares of amenity woodland and wetlands as well as for an area of industrial development.[6] UK Coal is currently working with Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council to promote the Cutacre site through the Local Development Framework process. Bolton Council have identified Cutacre as a key strategic site for future development in Bolton and consequently plans have changed. There has been a long campaign against the proposals by residents in Over Hulton and Little Hulton.[7]


The former township was situated on the road from Manchester to Preston, now the A6 road. There was no village centre; the most built-up area was in the northern part of the township at Daubhill.[2] It comprises 1,280 acres (5.2 km2) of flat land, mostly of meadow and pasture, the remainder arable. The underlying rocks are Coal Measures; there is also cannel coal and there is a sandstone quarry. The M61 motorway crosses the former township.[5]


Year 1801 1811 1821 1831 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891
Population 819 900 938 934 902 888 790 911 2,051 2,703
Sources: Local population statistics.[8] Vision of Britain.[9]



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Coordinates: 53°32′N 2°27′W / 53.54°N 2.45°W / 53.54; -2.45