Middle Island (South Australia)

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This article is about the island in South Australia. For other uses, see Middle Island.
Middle Island
Middle Island (South Australia) is located in South Australia
Middle Island (South Australia)
Location Spencer Gulf
Coordinates 35°12′52″S 136°49′53″E / 35.21444°S 136.83139°E / -35.21444; 136.83139Coordinates: 35°12′52″S 136°49′53″E / 35.21444°S 136.83139°E / -35.21444; 136.83139

Middle Island is the largest of three islands off the far south-western coast of Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. Approximately 28 ha in size, it sits within Pondalowie Bay, Spencer Gulf and is part of Innes National Park. It is also located within a Habitat Protection Zone of the Southern Spencer Gulf Marine Park.[1] The smaller island to the south is known as South Island,[2] while another to the north is known as either North Island or Royston Island.[3] DEWNR lists the islands as 'no access' areas for the general public.[2]


A biodiversity survey was conducted on Middle Island in November 1982. Species recorded included (but are not limited to): black-faced cormorant, Caspian tern, sooty oystercatcher and the little penguin.[4]


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