Middle Kingdom's Mark of Blood

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Middle Kingdom's Mark of Blood
Middle Kingdom's Mark of Blood.jpg
DVD cover art
Traditional 中原一點紅
Simplified 中原一点红
Directed by Hsiao Mu
Screenplay by Hai Liang
Story by Gu Long
Cinematography Liao Wan-wen
Edited by Kong Wong-hung
Release dates
  • 1980 (1980)
Running time
90 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Mandarin

Middle Kingdom's Mark of Blood, also known as Red Dot Chivalry, is a 1980 film adapted from Gu Long's Chu Liuxiang novel series.


  • Ling Yun as Zhongyuan Yidianhong
  • Tin Hok as Chu Liuxiang
  • Doris Lung as Ouyang Feng
  • Betty Pei as Liu Wumei
  • Cheng Hsi-keng as Hu Tiehua
  • Wang Hsieh as Du Shengtian
  • Lo Tik as Ouyang Long
  • Si Sin-dai as Thirteenth Aunt
  • Kon Tak-mun as Honest Monk
  • Man Man
  • Shih Ting-ken
  • Luk Yat-lung
  • Cheung Wai
  • Leung Yin-man
  • Gat Man-lap
  • Hoh Gong

Hong Kong and Philippine releases[edit]

Middle Kingdom's Mark of Blood was fully restored and released by Mei Ah Entertainment. It was dubbed in Cantonese and was aired by Asia Television. In the Philippines the movie was produced by Dreamscape Entertainment Television.

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