Middle Manager of Justice

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Middle Manager of Justice
Middle Manager of Justice logo.jpg
Developer(s)Double Fine Productions
Publisher(s)Double Fine Productions
Director(s)Kee Chi[1]
Platform(s)iOS, Android
  • CAN: December 3, 2012 [3]
  • WW: December 13, 2012 [2]
  • WW: August 14, 2013 [4]
Genre(s)Simulation, role-playing

Middle Manager of Justice is a simulation video game for iOS and Android developed and published by Double Fine Productions and financed by Dracogen. The iOS version was accidentally released in all territories on September 5, 2012, but was quickly pulled. That build was later branded beta, with the final release planned for later that year.[1] The final release of the iOS version occurred on December 3, 2012 in Canada.[3] The worldwide release of the iOS version occurred ten days later on December 13, 2012.[2] The Android version was released on August 14, 2013.[4]


Middle Manager of Justice is a free-to-play simulation where the player controls a middle manager who is in charge of hiring, training, and housing a group of superheroes. There are several unique heroes available to purchase and train. The player must manage their health, morale and training, the latter of which increases their power and allows them to go out in the field and fight in role-playing style battles. Money earned by keeping districts of the city safe can be invested in buying better equipment for the heroes and upgrading the base's facilities.[5]


Middle Manager of Justice began as part of Double Fine's "Amnesia Fortnight" brainstorming sessions where the senior staff came up with an idea and led a small team to create prototypes of those game ideas.[6] The final game is part of a three-game deal with Dracogen.[7]


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