Middle Tennessee Anime Convention

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Middle Tennessee Anime Convention (MTAC)
Middle Tennessee Anime Convention (logo).jpg
Status Active
Genre Anime, Manga, Popular Arts[1]
Venue Sheraton Music City Hotel
Nashville Airport Marriott
Location(s) Nashville, Tennessee
Country United States
Inaugurated 1999
Attendance 9,796 in 2013
Organized by ArtsCubed[2]

The Middle Tennessee Anime Convention (MTAC) is an annual three day anime convention held during March/April at the Sheraton Music City Hotel and Nashville Airport Marriott in Nashville, Tennessee. The convention is organized by ArtsCubed, based in Nashville, who also holds the Geek Media Expo (GMX) and Nashville Zombie Walk.[2][3]


The convention typically features an AMV contest, charity auction, cosplay contest, dealers, gaming (arcade, board, card, console, tabletop), Japanese Fashion Shows, a ramen eating contest, rave, and panels.[3][4][5][6]


Tommy Yune was unable to attend the convention in 2010 due to the funeral of Carl Macek.[7] MTAC delayed closing the 2010 convention due to the 2010 Tennessee floods for the members who could not leave.[1] The convention in 2012 shared the Nashville Convention Center with the Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival.[8] Due to attendance growth, the convention expanded into additional space in the convention center and hotel in 2013.[3] The dealers room in 2016 experienced long lines.[6]

Event history[edit]

Dates Location Atten. Guests
December 10–11, 1999 Days Inn Nashville Airport
Nashville, Tennessee
November 2–4, 2001 Clarion Hotel
Nashville, Tennessee
400 Tiffany Grant, Sonny Strait, Bill Timoney, and Kira Vincent-Davis.[10]
August 9–11, 2002 Days Inn Nashville Airport
Nashville, Tennessee
400 Steve Bennett, Rozie Curtis, Takayuki Karahashi, Sherry Lynn, and Jan Scott-Frazier.[11]
April 2–4, 2004 Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt University
Nashville, Tennessee
1,000 Greg Ayres, Robert DeJesus, Monica Rial, and Doug Smith.[12]
April 1–3, 2005 Millennium Maxwell House Hotel
Nashville, Tennessee
1,750 Brent Allison, Greg Ayres, Laura Bailey, Colleen Clinkenbeard, Emily DeJesus, Robert DeJesus, Lisa Furukawa, Kevin McKeever, Vic Mignogna, Monica Rial, and Steve Yun.[13]
April 21–23, 2006 Embassy Suites Nashville South
Franklin, Tennessee
2,500 Greg Ayres, Steven Blum, Emily DeJesus, Robert DeJesus, Lisa Furukawa, Caitlin Glass, Scott Kurtz, Vic Mignogna, Para2Mahou, Jan Scott-Frazier, Doug Smith, and Travis Willingham.[14]
April 13–15, 2007 Cool Springs Conference Center (Marriott)
Franklin, Tennessee
3,100 Lisa Furukawa, Tiffany Grant, Matt Greenfield, Mohammad "Hawk" Haque, Neil Kaplan, Kevin McKeever, Yad-Ming Mui, Ananth Panagariya, Peelander-Z, The Protomen, Doug Smith, and Steve Yun.[15]
April 25–27, 2008 Sheraton Music City
Nashville, Tennessee
3,750 Greg Ayres, James L. Barry, Johnny Yong Bosch, Chickenbox!, Eyeshine, Kaiju Big Battel, The Man Power, Mega Ran, Nashville Lotus Taiko Team, Peelander-Z, The Slants, Doug Smith, and DJ TX300.[16]
April 3–5, 2009 Sheraton Music City
Nashville, Tennessee
4,200 James L. Barry, Jonathan Brands, Lisa Furukawa, Yaya Han, Mohammad "Hawk" Haque, Steve Horton, The Man Power, Jeff Nimoy, The Notorious MSG, Colleen Ann O'Shaughnessey, Ananth Panagariya, Sam Romero, The Slants, Sonny Strait, and Jeong Mo Yang.[17]
April 30-May 2, 2010 Sheraton Music City
Nashville, Tennessee
4,200[n 1][1] Laura Bailey, Jason Canty, Lisa Furukawa, Kaiju Big Battel, Neil Kaplan, The Man Power, Vic Mignogna, Yad-Ming Mui, Colleen Ann O'Shaughnessey, Quaff, Jan Scott-Frazier, Doug Smith, Spike Spencer, Sonny Strait, Travis Willingham, and Steve Yun.[18]
April 22–24, 2011 Sheraton Music City
Nashville, Tennessee
5,640 Action Adventure World, Robert Axelrod, Blue Grade, The Eric Stuart Band, Lisa Furukawa, Garth Graham, Yuri Lowenthal, The Man Power, Vic Mignogna, Reni Mimura, My Parents Favorite Music, Tara Platt, The Protomen, Shammers, The Slants, Eric Stuart, ST~Prime, and The Suzan.[19]
April 6–8, 2012 Nashville Convention Center and
Renaissance Nashville Hotel
Nashville, Tennessee
7,200[20][21] Jason David Frank, Head Phones President, Kyle Hebert, Kaiju Big Battel, Jason Charles Miller, Yad-Ming Mui, Pinn Panelle, Eric Stuart, and Symphonic Anime Orchestra.[20]
March 29–31, 2013 Nashville Convention Center and
Renaissance Nashville Hotel
Nashville, Tennessee
9,796 Chris Cason, Jennifer Cihi, Todd Haberkorn, Brittney Karbowski, Jamie Marchi, Pinn Panelle, Monica Rial, The Slants, and Symphonic Anime Orchestra.[22]
April 18–20, 2014 Embassy Suites Nashville
SE - Murfreesboro
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Martin Billany, Daniel Coglan, Jillian Coglan, DJ Pete Ellison, Dan Green, Samantha Inoue-Harte, Vedetta Marie, Vic Mignogna, Marianne Miller, Chii Sakurabi, and Eric Stuart.[2]
April 3–5, 2015 Sheraton Music City Hotel
Nashville Airport Marriott
Nashville, Tennessee
Martin Billany, Junko Fujiyama, Tiffany Grant, Matthew Lassiter, Marble Hornets, Erica Mendez, Matthew Mercer, Marianne Miller, Jeff Nimoy, Robert J. Schwalb, Micah Solusod, Sonny Strait, J. Michael Tatum, and Vedetta Marie.[23]
March 25-27, 2016 Sheraton Music City Hotel
Embassy Suites Nashville Airport
Nashville, Tennessee
Martin Billany, Darrel Guilbeau, Matthew Lassiter, Vic Mignogna, Marianne Miller, Bryce Papenbrook, Robert J. Schwalb, Eric Stuart, Kaiji Tang, and Vedetta Marie.[24]
April 14-16, 2017 Sheraton Music City Hotel
Embassy Suites Nashville Airport
Nashville, Tennessee
Martin Billany, Josh Grelle, Nina "Mango Sirene" Lynn, Mike McFarland, Cassandra Lee Morris, and Keith Silverstein.[25]


  1. ^ Affected by 2010 Tennessee floods.


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