Middle Vaitarna Dam

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Middle Vaitarna Dam is a dam in Maharashtra, India.[1] It is the third tallest dam in the state at 84 metres (276 ft) and is made of roller compacted concrete.[2]

It was built on the Vaitarna river in Thane's Kochale village in 2012. The dam stands at an elevation of 102 metres (335 ft) to impound 455 million litres of water vital for Mumbai's growing water demand.[3] The city receives only 3,400 million litres per day (Mld) compared to the 4,000 Mld of demand. The water is expected to be transported to Bhandup treatment plant with a 40 kilometres (25 mi) pipeline and delivered to the city.

The project was partly funded by the Jawarharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission. The project submerged over 3,473 hectares (8,580 acres) of land including over 634 hectares (1,570 acres) of forests.[4] It also affected about eight villages and several adivasi padas in the region. Of these, only 35 families who lost their homes were rehabilitated in a colony near the project site of Kochale village. A visit to the rehabilitation colony in 2012 and in January 2014 where the project affected families moved in last year revealed extremely poor construction quality[5]

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Coordinates: 19°42′23″N 73°25′57″E / 19.70639°N 73.43250°E / 19.70639; 73.43250 It is third most tallest dam