Middle range Multi-Purpose missile

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Middle range MPM
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Middle range Multi-purpose Missile
Type Anti-tank/Anti-Landing craft missile
Place of origin Japan
Service history
In service 2009 - Present
Used by Japan
Production history
Designer JGSDF Ground Research and Development Command:GRD
Manufacturer Kawasaki Heavy Industries
No. built 104 Sets (2017)
Weight about 26 kg
Length 1.4 m
Diameter 14 cm

Engine Solid Fuel Rocket
Semi-active laser guidance and infrared homing

The Middle range Multi-Purpose Missile (中距離多目的誘導弾) or Chū-MPM (中MPM) is an Anti-tank/Landing craft missile used by the Japanese army as JGSDF.


Chū-MPM is smaller scale and more inexpensive than the Type 96 MPMS. The system all in the vehicle for take independent action.

The missiles are guided by Semi-Active Laser Homing or Infrared Imaging.


  •  Japan: 104 Sets (2017)


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