Middle rectal artery

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Middle rectal artery
The blood vessels of the rectum and anus, showing the distribution and anastomosis on the posterior surface near the termination of the gut. (Labeled as hemorrhoidal artery.)
The arteries of the pelvis.
SourceInternal iliac artery
VeinMiddle rectal veins
SuppliesRectum, seminal vesicle, vagina
LatinArteria rectalis media,
arteria haemorrhoidalis media
Anatomical terminology

The middle rectal artery is an artery in the pelvis that supplies blood to the rectum.


Internal iliac artery, showing branches, including middle rectal artery

The middle rectal artery usually arises with the inferior vesical artery, a branch of the internal iliac artery. It is distributed to the rectum, anastomosing with the inferior vesical artery, superior rectal artery, and inferior rectal artery.

In males, the middle rectal artery may give off branches to the prostate and the seminal vesicles, while in females it gives off branches to the vagina.

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