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Middlefield Collegiate Institute
525 Highglen Avenue
Markham, Ontario, L3S 3L5
School type High school
Motto "High Expectations,
High Achievement"
Religious affiliation(s) Secular
Founded 1992
School board York Region District School Board
Superintendent Rashmi Swarup
Area trustee Juanita Nathan
Principal Aline Daniel (2017–present)
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 1478[1] (October 2013)
Language English
Mascot Silver Hawk
Team name Middlefield Silver Hawks
Feeder schools Markham Gateway PS, Coppard PS, Parkland PS, Armadale PS, Ellen Fairclough PS, Cedarwood PS
Last updated: September 2014

Middlefield Collegiate Institute (MCI) is a semestered, public high school in the neighbourhood of East Milliken in the city of Markham, Ontario, Canada. It is part of the York Region District School Board. It is located in southeast Markham, bordered by the major arteries McCowan Road to the west, Steeles Avenue to the south, Markham Road to the east and 14th Avenue to the North.


One of MCI's several art filled hallways

MCI was built in 1992 to relieve pressure from Milliken Mills High School because of the quickly expanding population of the newly developed East Milliken neighbourhood, which had been forest around the Rouge River. Until 2000, the school was underused, with no more than 130 students graduating each year (compared to about 450 in 2010-2011). Because of a large development process and an even bigger immigrant influx, the school population almost doubled in the next five years and has been steadily climbing since then.

In 2009, Middlefield had its first major expansion, building a tech wing with six new classrooms in the Southern Wing. It houses the Auto, Construction, Hairstyling tech classes, and some Applied English classes and Communication Tech classes.

In 2013, factors such as a large exiting class and small entering class caused a surplus in teachers, resulting in 17 of them being moved across the board to other schools.


The MCI Rotunda

MCI has the widest array of Tech courses in South-east York Region.[citation needed] MCI offers Automotive Technology, Transportation Technology, Construction Technology, Design Technology, Computer Technology, Hairstyling and Aesthetic Technology, Communication Technology, Information Technology, Business Technology and Wood Shop. Other than that, the school also provides;

  • Alternative Education Program
  • English as a Second Language Program
  • Specialist High Skills Major in Transportation Technology and Health and Wellness
  • Special Education Programs
  • Co-op Education Program

MCI stopped offering Advanced Placement courses in 2016, which had been offered in Science, Math and Technology.


Athletic Council[edit]

Middlefield Athletic Council (MAC) coordinates and funds athletic events such as the athletic banquet. This club allows the students to realize the importance of physical education by promoting healthy living through school events, with the help of the student council.

Teams and sports clubs[edit]

Middlefield was the only York Region school to win the soccer championship two years in a row, which started with the junior boys of 2003-2004.

Middlefield's Senior and Junior Boys Basketball teams both won the 2015 York Region Athletic Association Tier 2 Basketball championship.

Intramural sports[edit]

In addition to competitive sports teams, Middlefield students have the opportunity to participate in in-school sporting events such as:

  • Middlefield Intramural Hockey Association (MIHA)
  • Middlefield's Basketball Association (MBA)
  • Middlefield's Iron Person

Mock Trial Team[edit]

The Middlefield Mock Trial Team, led by Law teachers Mr. Glass and Ms. Mobilos and Mr. Draycott, have been the most successful team from this school. Over the past twelve years, it has made the Elite 8 in Ontario each time, including four silver medals, the last coming in the 2010-2011 year. Middlefield Collegiate Institute is one of the few public high schools which have made it this far in the championship and is the most successful mock trial team from a public high school in Ontario. Middlefield again made the Elite 8 in 2013, winning the GTA South Regionals. Middlefield followed this up by winning the Ontario Bar Association Mock Trial Tournament and becoming Provincial Champions for the first time, defeating Cawthra Park Secondary School.[2]


The elevator at MCI

MCI has a large glass ceiling in the rotunda, which is renovated biennially, to check for possible hazards and risks, and to replace any cracked or possible dangerous glass. This glass ceiling can be seen from almost anywhere in the central section of the school, and is a staple of Middlefield culture. The ceiling also gives in light and provides it for the central wing as well, thus helping reduce MCI's environmental impact, and is one of the reasons MCI was certified a Silver Eco School.

MCI is atrium shaped, and from the first floor of the rotunda, can look up and see the third floor. There is also a glass elevator which provides travel between the three floors, but can only be used by staff or students who have disabilities.

As the local community continued to grow, MCI required an extension of the building to accommodate for the growing student body. In June 2008, construction began to create an extended west wing to the school. The wing is only one storey high, and consists of a hairstyling classroom, construction classroom, garage, two washrooms, and an emergency exit.

  • Art Labs
  • Wood Shop
  • Cafeteria
  • Communication Technological Labs
  • Family Studies Labs
  • SAC Office
  • Drama stage
  • Gymnasiums
  • Food Lab
  • Guidance Office
  • Outdoor - Baseball Diamond, Soccer Fields, Running Track
  • Music Room
  • Weight Room
  • Photography Dark Room
  • Library
  • Hairstyling
  • Auto shop


Middlefield Collegiate is ranked 8 of 676 Ontario high schools schools on the 2014–2015 Fraser Institute school report, with an overall rating of 9.1 out of 10. The percentage of eligible students who passed their Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test on the first attempt was 93.6%. [3]


  1. Ken Cluely 1992-1995
  2. Jim Gilliland 1995-1996
  3. Cecil Roach 1996-2002
  4. Gary Micheal 2002-2004
  5. Tony Lewis 2005-2008
  6. Annette Oliver 2008-2012
  7. Peter Tse 2012-2014
  8. Janani Pathy 2014-2017
  9. Aline Daniel (6 February, 2017 to present)

Feeder schools[edit]

The following elementary schools are part of the Middlefield Collegiate Institute family of schools. Every year, the Guidance Department visits each of these schools to talk to the Grade 8's about courses and enrollment:

Notable staff[edit]

  • Marina Cohen (1994-1995), Canadian children's author; "Ghost Ride" (former English Teacher)
  • Michael Morin (2000-Current), winner of the Ontario Association for Mathematics Education Exceptional and Creative Teaching Award (Current Mathematics Teacher)[4]
  • Julia Munro (1992-1994), Member of Provincial Parliament for York-Simcoe and former Cabinet Minister. (Former History Teacher)[5]
  • Sophie Patras (2003-present), former producer and scriptwriter for the CBC, Canada A People's History (current English teacher)
  • Cecil Roach (1995-2002), YRDSB Superintendent of Schools (former English teacher, then Principal)
  • Roozbeh Termei (2008-2014), former film and dramatic short actor (former Mathematics teacher)[6]

Notable alumni[edit]

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