Middlegate, Nevada

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Middlegate, Nevada

Middlegate is an unincorporated community along "The Loneliest Road in America", U.S. Route 50, in Churchill County, Nevada, United States.

The local bar, gas station and restaurant of Middlegate were the location for Black Road, Gregory Hutton's award-winning 2002 short film starring William Nilon.[1][2]

Stephen King was inspired by and lived in Middlegate for 6 months while writing the novel Desperation.


Coordinates: 39°17′16″N 118°01′35″W / 39.28778°N 118.02639°W / 39.28778; -118.02639

Middlegates a hot spot for off-roaders because of the many off-road trails and close proximity to Sand Mountain. They offer free camping and also offer low rates at their motel. Historical site was discovered by the explorer James Simpson in the 1800s and used by the Pony Express and Overland Stagecoach Co.