Middlesex County Football League

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Middlesex County Football League
Middlesex County Football League logo.png
Country  England
Founded 1984
Divisions 5
Number of teams 55
Level on pyramid Levels 11-13
Feeder to Combined Counties League
Hellenic League
Promotion to Combined Counties Football League Division One
Hellenic League Division One East
Essex Senior League (instance in 2012)
Relegation to Various inc. Hounslow & District Football
Current champions West Essex FC
Website http://www.mcfl.org.uk/
Map of Middlesex 1066-1894. Most of the teams are from these areas, which are mostly in Greater London. Outlying teams forming exceptions are Singh Sabha Slough, Stonewall and historically Sutton Common Rovers

The Middlesex County Football League is a football competition based in England loosely drawing teams from the central, northern and western parts of Greater London. The league was founded in 1984 and initially had only one division, although it has since expanded greatly. It currently has a total of five divisions – four for first teams and a division for reserve teams. The Premier Division sits at step 7 (or level 11) of the National League System. It is a feeder to the Combined Counties Football League and the Hellenic Football League. The league is currently sponsored by Cherry Red Books.

In the 2012–13 season British Airways won the Premier Division title however elected to stay and runner-up team FC Romania gained promotion.

Hillingdon FC were crowned champions in 2014/15 on the last day of the season after beating Indian Gymkhana FC 2-0 thanks to 2 goals from Lewis "Swoops" Rose.


The Middlesex County League was founded in 1984 as a single division. One year later, the league expanded to include a second division (Division One). In 1991 the league added a third, Division Two, discontinued during 1996-2002 but on its reinstatement a fourth was also created (Division Three). For the 2006–07 season the league added a fifth level and the fourth level was regionalized. The divisions were named Division Three East and Division Three West. A further re-organisation in 2007–08 saw growth and the league break into six divisions: Division One acquired its split (into East and West), Division Three East was renamed Division Three, whilst Division Three West was renamed Division Three (Hounslow & District). In the next season both Division Threes were dropped.

Former members to progress through the pyramid are: Brook House, Hanworth Villa, CB Hounslow United, Rayners Lane, North Greenford United, Sutton Common Rovers, South Kilburn, Neasden Foundation, Bethnal Green United, Bedfont Sports, Hayes Gate, Southall and FC Romania.

The league has the Latin motto ‘is est non iustus a venatus suus a res vita quod nex’ translating to 'it's not just a game it's a matter of life and death'.

Members clubs 2014–15 season[edit]

Premier Division[edit]

Club Finishing position 2014-15[1]
A.F.C. Wembley 3rd in Div.1 (Central and East)
British Airways 11th
Broadfields United 6th
CB Hounslow United Reserves 16th
Cricklewood Wanderers 5th
FC Assyria 13th
FC Deportivo Galicia 12th
Hillingdon 1st
Indian Gymkhana 8th
Kensington Dragons 14th
Kilburn 15th
New Hanford 1st in Div.1 (West)
Pitshanger Dynamo 2nd in Div.1 (West)
South Kilburn 9th
Southall Res 2nd in Senior Reserve Division
Sporting Hackney 6th
Tooting & Mitcham Wanderers 10th
West Essex 7th
Division One (Central & East) Finishing position 2012-13 Division One (West) Finishing position 2012-13
AFC Wembley 2nd AFC Southall 3rd in Div. 2
Chiswick 1st Bedfont Sports Reserves
Edmonton Rangers 4th Brentham 7th
FFC Haringey 3rd CB Hounslow United Reserves 11th
Fire United Christian 9th Hillingdon Abbots 12th[n 1]
J-Gaia Imperial College Old Boys 5th
London Elite 7th Kodak Harrow
Pearscroft United 14th LPOSSA
St. Lawrence 8th Pitshanger Dynamo 3rd
Stonewall 6th Southall United
Supreme Athletic 5th Stedfast United 1st in Div. 2
The Wilberforce Wanderers 9th Wembley Park 2nd in Div. 2
West End 7th West London Saracens 6th
Hackney Wick FC Inaugural Season 2015/16

Division Two[edit]

FC| Hillgate||

Club Finishing position 2012-13[3]
Aym Higher 4th
British Airways Reserves combined with BA 3rds (5th pos.) 8th in Reserve Division
Club Santacruzense de Londres
FC Staines
Greens Utd
Heston Bombers
Laleham Casuals
Mile End Park Rangers
Paddington Elite
South Acton
Sport London e Benfica
Tokyngton Manor

Reserve teams formed a league of 11 teams in 2011-12. Winners, Southall Reserves chose to remain in the reserves division.[4]

Past champions[edit]

Season Premier Division
1984–85 Constantine United
Season Division One Division Two
1985–86 Mill End Sports Harrow St. Mary's Reserves
1986–87 Evershed Social Troy Albion
1987–88 Chorleywood Common Harefield Town
1988–89 Shamrock Northfield Rangers
1989–90 Hawkeye Willesden Brook House Reserves
1990–91 Hawkeye Willesden Northfield Rangers Reserves
Season Premier Division Division One Division Two
1991–92 Northfield Rangers Broadwater United Bridge Park
1992–93 Shamrock Northolt Saints Scolar
1993–94 New Hanford Rayners Lane Reserves Neasden Foundation Reserves
1994–95 Spelthorne Sports Willesden Constantine Southall Reserves
1995–96 Willesden Constantine Stonebridge Scolar F.C. Deportivo
Season Premier Division Senior Division
1996–97 Rayners Lane Broadfields United
1997–98 Willesden Constantine Northolt Saints
1998–99 Willesden Constantine Neasden Foundation
1999–2000 Brook House Reserves Brentford New Inn
2000–01 Northolt Saints Pinner Albion Seniors
2001–02 Spelthorne Sports Stonewall
Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three
2002–03 Hanworth Villa Southall Town Reserves Harefield Ex-Services Stonewall Reserves
2003–04 Wraysbury Brazilian Eastcote Parkfield Youth Old Boys
2004–05 Hanworth Villa Neasden Foundation Parkfield Youth Old Boys LPOSSA
2005–06 Battersea Ironsides Sport London e Benfica Signcraft Harrow St. Mary's Youth Old Boys
Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three (East) Division Three (West)
2006–07 Sport London e Benfica South Kilburn London Utd Football Academy FC Baresi Brunswick
Season Premier Division Division One
(Central & East)
Division One (West) Division Two Division Three Division Three
(Hounslow & District)
2007–08 Indian Gymkhana Park View Kodak Harrow Harrow St Mary's Harrow Club Stedfast United
Season Premier Division Division One
(Central & East)
Division One (West) Division Two Division Three
(Hounslow & District)
2008–09 Bethnal Green United Copland North Kensington LPOSSA Grange Park
2009–10 Interwood Sporting Hackney Stedfast United Imperial College Old Boys Eutectic
2010–11 Willesden Constantine West Essex North Kensington Pitshanger Dynamo Belmullet Town
Season Premier Division Division One
(Central & East)
Division One (West) Division Two
2011–12 Interwood Kilburn FC Assyria Bay
2012–13 British Airways Cricklewood Wanderers LPOSSA Stedfast
2013–14 Sporting Hackney Pearscroft United LPOSSA Heston Bombers
2014–15 Hillingdon Sloane New Hanford Larkspur Rovers
2015–16 West Essex Tottenham Hale Rangers Brentham Lampton Park

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ The folding of higher placed Marsh Rangers enabled Hillingdon Abbots to remain in the same division despite a bottom placed finish in 2012 in the middle tier of the league (West division).[2]

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