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This article is about the surname Middleton. For other uses, see Middleton.
Family name
Meaning "middle"/"town"
Region of origin Anglo-Saxon

Middleton is a locational Anglo-Saxon surname originating from dozens of different settlements in England going by one of the pre-7th century Old English variations of "middle" (such as midel) and "town" (such as tun). The earliest recorded examples of such hamlets date to 1086 and include Middeltone, Mideltuna, and Middeltune in such Derbyshire, Shropshire, Sussex, and Yorkshire. The surname "Mideltone" is recorded in Oxfordshire (1166), "Midilton" is noted in Arbroath, Scotland (1221) and "Middelton" is found in Yorkshire (1273).[1]

List of people surnamed Middleton[edit]

See also[edit]

  • Middleton family, family of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
  • Baron Middleton, title in the British Peerage
  • Sir Hugh Myddelton (1560–1631), goldsmith, entrepreneur, drainer of Brading Harbour and developer of the New River, London


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