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San Diego Trolley station
Middletown station 2019.jpg
Middletown station in 2019
Location1396 Palm Street
San Diego, CA
Coordinates32°43′59″N 117°10′28″W / 32.733125°N 117.174438°W / 32.733125; -117.174438Coordinates: 32°43′59″N 117°10′28″W / 32.733125°N 117.174438°W / 32.733125; -117.174438
Owned bySan Diego Metropolitan Transit System
Disabled accessYes
Preceding station   San Diego Trolley   Following station
Green Line
  Future services  
Blue Line
toward University Towne Center
Middletown station in 2010

Middletown is a station of the Green Line on the San Diego Trolley. It is located in a narrow strip of land between San Diego International Airport and Interstate 5. It also serves crowded residential area in the Middletown neighborhood, which includes a variety of medium-density housing within blocks of the station. This station opened in June 1996 as part of the Blue Line (then called the North/South Line) extension to the Old Town Transit Center.[1]

The station was closed from May 21[2] through August 2012[3] for renovations as part of the Trolley Renewal Project.[4]

On September 2, 2012, service to this station was replaced by the Green Line, when the Blue Line's northern terminus was truncated to the America Plaza station as part of a system redesign.[5] Blue Line service at this station will resume when the Mid-Coast Trolley extension is completed by 2021.[6]

Platforms and tracks[edit]

Trolley Northbound  Green Line toward Santee Town Center (Washington Street)
Trolley Southbound  Green Line toward 12th & Imperial Transit Center (County Center / Little Italy)
Amtrak/Coaster  Pacific Surfliner No stops
 Coaster No stops

Airport Connection[edit]

San Diego International Airport is accessible from this station. In July 2015, the airport added its TROLLEY → TERMINAL Shuttle Service that runs between the terminals and this station. The shuttle stops at the airport's consolidated rental car center (opened January 20, 2016[7]), which is one block away. Passengers access the shuttle from the station by proceeding one block southwest on W. Palm Street. The shuttle runs while the airport is open.

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