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The middleweight division in mixed martial arts refers to different weight classes:

  • UFC's middleweight division, which groups competitors within 171 to 185 lb (77.5 to 84 kg)
  • Shooto's middleweight class, which refers to competitors between 155 and 170 lb (70.3 and 77.1 kg)
  • ONE Championship's middleweight limits between 186 and 205 lb (84.0 to 93 kg)
  • Road FC's middleweight division, with an upper limit of 185 lb (84 kg)

Ambiguity and clarification[edit]

For the sake of uniformity, many mixed martial arts websites refer to competitors between 171 and 185 lb (77.5 and 84 kg) as middleweights. This encompasses Shooto's light heavyweight division of the same weight limit.

The middleweight limit, as defined by the Nevada State Athletic Commission[1] and the Association of Boxing Commissions[2] is 185 lb (84 kg).

Professional champions[edit]

Current champions[edit]

Table accurate as of October 2016.

Organization Reign Began Champion Record Defenses
UFC June 4, 2016 England Michael Bisping 30-7 (16KO 4SUB) 1
Bellator MMA October 23, 2015 Brazil Rafael Carvalho 13-1 (10KO) 1
WSOF June 21, 2014 United States David Branch 19-3 (5KO 6SUB) 2
ONE Championship November 7, 2014 Russia Vitaly Bigdash 8-0 (4KO 4SUB) 0

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