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Midfield General
Birth nameDamian Harris
OriginLondon, England
GenresBig beat, electronica
Years active1997-present
LabelsSkint Records

Damian Harris, also known by his stage name Midfield General, is the original founder of the Skint Records label.

Midfield General is the recording alias of Skint label boss Damian Harris. A prime architect of the sound of big beat, Harris grew up listening first to punk rock, then hip hop, and finally acid house. He then moved to Brighton to study art, eventually taking work as a DJ while promoting clubs around the city. In 1994, his music knowledge landed him a job at Loaded Records, where former Housemartins member Norman Cook - a friend of Harris' since his days working at the Rounder store in Brighton - recorded as Pizzaman. He is a fan of Arsenal F.C and has a season ticket at the Emirates Stadium. He has also appeared on episodes of the It's Up For Grabs Now and Tuesday Club - Arsenal podcasts with Alan Davies and Ian Stone. He also released a song called "Midfielding" featuring a monologue from surrealist and comedian Noel Fielding.


Studio albums[edit]

  • Generalisation (2000)
  • General Disarray (2008)

Live albums[edit]


Year Single UK Singles Chart Album
1995 "Worlds / Bung" -
1996 "Stigs In Love" - Generalisation
1997 "Devil In Sports Casual" -
2000 "Coatnoise" -
"General of the Midfield" -
"Reach Out" -
2001 "You Take" -
2008 "Disco Sirens" - General Disarray

'Devil In Sports Casual'[edit]

"We were in New York for a record company schmooze," recalled Harris, "and Lindy Layton was there as well, going round recording people talking in the streets. She came back very excited because she'd found this guy ranting in Times Square and mentioning 'Damien'. For the title, I wanted some devil reference because since those fucking Omen films came out I've had people calling me that. The film Devil in a Blue Dress had just come out and I just altered that. A lot of people would take the piss out of me for wearing sports casual gear – which I still claim I looked ace in. I was just ahead of the times!"[1]


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