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Marstein lighthouse
Marstein lighthouse
Map of Districts and Municipalities in Hordaland  Nordhordland  Midhordland   Sunnhordland  Hardanger   Voss
Map of Districts and Municipalities in Hordaland
Coordinates: 60°17′N 05°12′E / 60.283°N 5.200°E / 60.283; 5.200Coordinates: 60°17′N 05°12′E / 60.283°N 5.200°E / 60.283; 5.200
Country Norway
County Hordaland
Region Vestlandet
Adm. Center Bergen
 • Total 1,785 km2 (689 sq mi)
Population (2009)
 • Total 339,240
 • Density 190/km2 (490/sq mi)

Midhordland or Midthordland is a traditional district in the Vestlandet region of Norway. It consists of the central-west portion of Hordaland county, mostly including the islands and coastal fjord areas surrounding (and including) the Bergen Peninsula. It includes the city on Bergen and the surrounding municipalities of Askøy, Austevoll, Fjell, Fusa, Os, Samnanger, Sund, and Øygarden. The region is dominated by its largest city, Bergen, which is also the second largest city in the country.[1]

There is no administrative functions for this district, it is simply a cultural and historical area. Until 2014, the Church of Norway had a deanery for Midhordland, but that has since been dissolved and its churches transferred to other neighboring deaneries.

Municipalities of Midhordland[edit]

Arms Name Innhabitants Area Mayor Party Municipal code Language form
Askøy komm.svg Askøy 24,875 100 Terje Mathiassen A 1247 Neutral
Austevoll komm.svg Austevoll 4,503 117 Morten Storebø H 1244 Nynorsk
Bergen komm.svg Bergen 267,950 465 Marte Mjøs Persen A 1201 Neutral
Fjell komm.svg Fjell 21,744 148 Marianne Sandahl Bjorøy A 1246 Nynorsk
Fusa komm.svg Fusa 3,822 378 Atle Kvåle A 1241 Nynorsk
Os Hordaland komm.svg Os 16,590 140 Terje Søviknes Frp 1243 Nynorsk
Samnanger komm.svg Samnanger 2,362 269 Knut Harald Frøland B 1242 Nynorsk
Sund komm.svg Sund 6,069 100 Kari-Anne Landro Høyre 1245 Nynorsk
Øygarden komm.svg Øygarden 4,235 66 Børge Haugetun Tvl 1259 Nynorsk


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