Midhurst transmitting station

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Midhurst transmitting station is located in West Sussex
Midhurst transmitting station
Mast height 117.7 metres (386 ft)
Coordinates 51°01′02″N 0°42′04″W / 51.0172°N 0.7011°W / 51.0172; -0.7011Coordinates: 51°01′02″N 0°42′04″W / 51.0172°N 0.7011°W / 51.0172; -0.7011
Grid reference SU912250
Built 1972
BBC region BBC South
ITV region ITV Meridian

The Midhurst transmitting station is a facility for both analogue and digital VHF/FM radio and UHF television transmission, 3.1 miles (5.0 km) northeast of Midhurst, West Sussex, England.

It includes a guyed steel lattice mast, and on top of this is the UHF television transmitting antenna, which brings the overall height of the structure to 117.7 metres (386 ft).

The transmission site is located at 51° 01′ 2.0″ North, 0° 42' 4.0" West[1] (National Grid Reference: SU912250[2]).

The current mast has an average height of 307 metres above sea level. It is now owned and operated by Arqiva, but was owned by the BBC before they privatised their transmission department prior to 1997.

Services listed by frequency[edit]

Analogue radio (FM VHF)[edit]

Frequency kW Service
106.6 MHz 0.4 Spirit FM

Digital radio (DAB)[edit]

Frequency Block kW Operator
222.064 MHz 11D 1.0 Digital One
225.648 MHz 12B 6.3 BBC National DAB

Analogue television[edit]

Midhurst began the switch to digital-only television transmissions on 29 February 2012,[3] when the analogue BBC Two transmissions ceased. Two weeks later, on 14 March 2012,[4] the other 3 channels ceased analogue transmissions.

Frequency UHF kW Service
743.25 MHz 55 100 BBC Two
767.25 MHz 58 100 ITV1
791.25 MHz 61 100 BBC One
847.25 MHz 68 100 Channel 4

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