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Midland Bridge over the River Avon

The Midland Bridge was originally built by the Midland Railway Company to allow the Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway access to and from their Green Park Terminus Station, in Bath, Somerset, England.

The bridge enabled linking the Midland Railway to the Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway and opening up links to the western side of Bath City Centre. The original bridge was constructed in 1870, to provide access to the station at Green Park, which was part of the newly completed Somerset and Dorset Railway Bath extension line.[1][2]

The current Midland Bridge dates from 1905,[3] when the original bridge was replaced by the Tramways Company.[4] Along with the station it was designed by John Holloway Sanders and engineered by Messrs Allport Jnr and Wilson.

The original bridge was re-used to provide a link between the old 'scavenger's yard' and the new 'Destructor' incinerator across the navigation. This relocation and reconstruction was undertaken by the engineer Mr John Cambridge.[4][5]

The Midland Bridge is no longer used by the railways and instead carries the B3118 road, which is one of the main inner city road crossings over the River Avon.[6][7]


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Coordinates: 51°22′50″N 2°22′10″W / 51.38056°N 2.36944°W / 51.38056; -2.36944