Midland Gate

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Midland Gate
LocationMidland, Western Australia, Australia
Opening date1980
ManagementVicinity Centres[1]

Midland Gate Shopping Centre is located in Midland. When it and Swan City Shopping Centre opened in March 1980, they started as separate centres with Sayer Street dividing them. The street closed in the early 1990s and a pedestrian mall was created, which unofficially merged the Midland Gate and Swan City shopping centres together. The first expansion of Midland Gate occurred in 1995, with the structure removed and Midland Gate officially absorbing Swan City.

Midland Gate is one of two shopping centres in Western Australia with all three discount department stores - Kmart, Target and Big W. It has over 200 specialty stores, two supermarkets (Coles & Woolworths), a Fresh Food Mall, food court and an eight-screen Ace Cinema Complex.

Midland Gate was handed over to Novion in 2015. Previously, it was owned by Colonial First State.[2] [3]


Coordinates: 31°53′24″S 116°00′43″E / 31.89°S 116.012°E / -31.89; 116.012