Midlands of South Carolina

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The eight counties that usually compose the Midlands.

The Midlands region of South Carolina is the middle area of the state. The region's main center is Columbia, the state's capital. The Midlands is so named because it is halfway point between the Upstate and the Lowcountry.[citation needed] The main area code is 803.

The area has become a major business center in the state, for its growing production of paper products, textile, medical supplies and steel. It is also a center for farming and medical care. The area is also involved in attractions and tourism, featuring shopping, fishing and amusement.


The Midlands area of South Carolina includes at least these eight counties:

Usually included[edit]

This region is largely coextensive with the Columbia metropolitan area (which includes Newberry County and excludes Sumter County, all eight counties plus Newberry)

A portion of Orangeburg County is located in the Midlands, the western part is located in the Central Savannah River Area, and the eastern part of the county is considered to be located in the Lowcountry. The middle part of Orangeburg County is located in the Midlands region.


Columbia skyline coming from North Main St.

Primary cities[edit]

(including county and 2006 census bureau population estimates)

Suburban towns and cities over 10,000 in population[edit]

(including county and 2006 census bureau population estimates)

Suburbs with less than 10,000 inhabitants[edit]

(including county and 2006 census bureau population estimates)

Unincorporated communities[edit]

(2000 Census Figures)

Higher education[edit]


The region is served by four commercial television stations, WLTX CBS 19, WOLO ABC 25, WACH FOX 57, and WIS 10.

The state's second largest newspaper, The State, is published here.

Major highways[edit]


Coordinates: 34°04′N 81°05′W / 34.06°N 81.08°W / 34.06; -81.08