Midnight (Wilson novel)

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Author Jacqueline Wilson
Illustrator Nick Sharratt
Cover artist William Moore
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Children's novel, Fantasy
Publisher Doubleday (first edition, hardback)
Publication date

Midnight is a children's novel by English author Jacqueline Wilson.


The book is about a girl called Violet and her brother, Will. Violet is a dreamy girl and is always away in her own world, filled with fairies designed by her favorite author, Casper Dream. Last Christmas, they found out that Will was adopted when Will was rude to their grandmother and she said something about bad blood.

Violet is extremely depressed to see how her mother does everything her father tells her to do and not care that that her husband has no respect for her whatsoever because it reminds of herself and how she always does what Will tells her to do. After Will forces her to play a game of 'Blind Man Buff', a game she hates, she still plays because when he found out he was adopted Will spent all his time in his room and rarely even talked, let alone play with Violet. But when she gets attacked by bats, Violet makes a resolution never to let Will order her about again.

Moving on in the story, a new girl, Jasmine, comes to Violet's school and she chooses her as a friend. Violet is thrilled and spends a lot of time with Jasmine. Even though she adores Will, Violet once refuses to spend a day with him and instead goes to Jasmine's house.

One day, Violet's father says that they are to go to their Gran's house to wish her a happy birthday but Will refuses because of how she had charmlessly told him about his being adopted. Violet's dad gets quite mad and when Violet says no as well, he is ready to hit them but doesn't. Violet's mother as usual gives in and makes a fuss when she finds out that they both are not going. In the end, they leave without them. Will and Violet start playing 'Truth and Dare' and Will asks Violet that if she could have a love affair with any one, who would it be? Violet says Casper Dream. Violet asks the same question to Will but before he can answer, Jasmine calls and asks for help with her homework. Will, much to Violet's surprise, as he hates for her to have friends over, invites Jasmine himself. They work for a while and then play 'Truth and Dare' where Will asks Violet who she likes better, him or Jasmine. When Violet fails to come up with a reply, Will dares her to spend ten minutes in the attic. Violet reluctantly agrees. In the attic, Violet finds out that she used to have another brother named Will but he died so her parents tried to replace him with this Will. When Violet comes down after her ten minutes, she finds Will and Jasmine kissing. They make fun of her and the fairies she has hanging from the ceiling in her room. Violet feels betrayed because she thinks Will is trying to hurt her and Jasmine was only friends with her so she could be with Will. After smashing up her fairies (and scratching Will with her Crow Fairy in the process), Violet runs away to see Casper Dream's old house. There she finds Casper Dream himself and they become good friends.

She returns home and learns that Jasmine was a true friend to her. She forgives both Jasmine and Will. In the end, she confronts her parent's about the first Will. They have a little talk and soon things begin to be better after all for Violet.