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Midnight dice (or 1-4-24) is a dice game played with 6 dice.


One player rolls at a time. He rolls 6 dice, and keeps at least one. Any that the player doesn't keep, are rerolled. This procedure is then repeated until there are no more dice to roll. The player must have kept a 1 and a 4, otherwise they are disqualified. If he has a 1 and 4, the other dice are totaled to give the players score. The maximum score is therefore 24. The procedure is repeated for the remaining players. The player with the highest 4 dice total wins.[1]

If two or more players tie for the highest total, any money bet is added to the next game.

Example game[edit]

Dice shown in black are those kept from the previous roll.

Roll Dice Keep
1 Dice-3.svgDice-4.svgDice-4.svgDice-5.svgDice-1.svgDice-2.svg Dice-4.svgDice-5.svg
2 Dice-6a.svgDice-4-b.svgDice-3.svgDice-5-b.svgDice-2.svgDice-6a.svg Dice-6a.svgDice-4.svgDice-5.svgDice-6a.svg
3 Dice-6a-b.svgDice-4-b.svgDice-2.svgDice-5-b.svgDice-1.svgDice-6a-b.svg Dice-6a.svgDice-4.svgDice-5.svgDice-1.svgDice-6a.svg
4 Dice-6a-b.svgDice-4-b.svgDice-3.svgDice-5-b.svgDice-1-b.svgDice-6a-b.svg Dice-6a.svgDice-4.svgDice-3.svgDice-5.svgDice-1.svgDice-6a.svg

The player scores 20 (6+3+5+6).