Midnight Beating

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Midnight Beating
Traditional 午夜心跳
Simplified 午夜心跳
Mandarin Wǔ Yè Xīn Tiào
Cantonese Ng1 Je6 Sam1 Tiu3
Directed by Zhang Jiabei
Produced by Lee Shui Hap
Ding Weimin
Screenplay by Zhao Ben
Story by Yu Chuanling
Starring Simon Yam
Francis Ng
Yang Yuyu
Li Nian
Yao Di
Music by Yasuda Fumio
Cinematography Nakazawa Mayasuki
Beijing Dadu Sunshine Film & TV Production
Sichuan Tenglong Film Company
Distributed by China Film Group Corporation
China Film Group Digital Film Distribution
Fujian Hengye Film
Release date
  • 24 December 2010 (2010-12-24)
Country China
Language Mandarin

Midnight Beating is a 2010 Chinese horror film directed by Zhang Jiabei and starring Hong Kong veteran actors Simon Yam and Francis Ng.


In the Haibei People's Hospital, Qinghai province, China, the present day on the night of a full moon, a patient is murdered by a syringe through her chest. This adds stress to the hospital's heart surgeon Gu Zhensheng who had recently lost his wife Xia Xue (Liu Yuxin) to an illness. Since his wife's death, Gu has been suffering from nightmares that has affected his work, and Xia Xue's younger sister, Nurse Xia Xiaoyu (Yang Yuyu) also is emotionally disturbed.

The Hospital's director Wen Miao (Li Nian) is due for an operation for a weak heart. She's the fiancee of Mai Xiangyu (Francis Ng) the hospital's psychologist. Nurse Wu can't forgive Mai for breaking up with her and threatens to show his fiancee old photos of them having sex. One night, Wu is murdered in the same way as the old female patient. Gu tells hospital director Wen that Mai has been acting strangely lately, and Mai also tells him the same thing about Gu.


  • Simon Yam as Gu Zhensheng
  • Francis Ng as Mai Changyu
  • Yang Yuyu as Xia Xiaoyu
  • Yao Di as Wu Xinyiao
  • Li Nian as Wen Miao
  • Liu Yuxin as Xia Xue
  • Ba Duo as Master Hong
  • Yang Shuting as Lin Xiang
  • Li Zhaomin as Hospital director Wen
  • Zhang Feng as Liu Dahua
  • Zhao Yi as Tao Zhenyu


Midnight Beating was released on December 24, 2010 in China.[1] On its first week, Midnight Beating was the third highest-grossing film in China, being only beaten by If You Are the One 2 and Let the Bullets Fly.[2] In total, the film grossed $4,731,045 in China.[3]


Film Business Asia gave the film a five out of ten rating, who noted that the film is an "Okay hospital horror boasts good technique but is let down by a weak script."[1]


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