Midnight Runaround

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Midnight Runaround
Genre Action
Based on Characters
by George Gallo
Written by Frank De Palma
Terry Borst
Jerrold E. Brown
Directed by Frank De Palma
Starring Christopher McDonald
Kyle Secor
Rebecca Cross
Ed O'Ross
Dan Hedaya
John Fleck
Music by Bennie Walace
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Tony To
Ellen Erwin
Cinematography Robert Draper
Editor(s) Chip Masamitsu
Tim Tommasino
Running time 89 minutes
Distributor Universal Pictures
Original release March 20, 1994

Midnight Runaround (1994) is the second in a series of made-for-TV spin-offs for Universal Television's Action Pack of the action/comedy Midnight Run put together by MCA TV to resurrect bounty hunter Jack Walsh.[1][2] Following Another Midnight Run, Christopher McDonald reprised the role of Walsh, a role originated in the original film by Robert De Niro. Midnight Runaround follows Another Midnight Run and was followed by Midnight Run for Your Life.


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