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Students eating Midnight Breakfast at Tillett Dining Hall, Livingston Campus, Rutgers University
Midnight breakfast at Tillett Dining Hall, Livingston Campus, Rutgers University after hungry hordes of students get food

Midnight breakfast is a generic term for a communal meal served at some American colleges and universities. Menu items that are generally considered breakfast foods are served in the school's dining hall late at night (hence "midnight") as a study break before or during final exams, or as a traditional community-building event. Midnight breakfast is usually at most a weekly event and at least an annual event, and should not be confused with school dining facilities that operate 24 hours a day on a regular basis.

West Virginia University hosts a weekly event on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, from 12:00 Midnight - 2:00 AM in which the "midnight breakfast" is served at the student union, known as the Mountainlair. This event is called "WVUp all night", where breakfast foods are by far the most popular offerings, though not the only offerings. WVU students are generally quite enthusiastic about the event, and frequently flock to the Mountainlair after a night of drinking, as an opportunity to consume a free "drunk breakfast."

Similarly at Barnard College, an affiliate of Columbia University, Midnight Breakfast marks the beginning of finals week. As a highly popular event and long-standing college tradition, Midnight Breakfast is hosted by the student-run activities council, McAc (McIntosh Activities Council). In addition to providing standard breakfast foods for hungry students, each year's theme is also incorporated into the menu. Past themes have included "I YUMM the 90s," "Grease," and "Take me out to the ballgame." The event is a school-wide affair as college deans, trustees and even the President herself, Debora Spar, serve food to about a thousand students. These same proceedings also take place at Vassar College, University of Puget Sound, and The University of Chicago on the eve of finals week and at Georgia Tech during dead week[disambiguation needed].

Post University, St. Olaf College, Elmira College, Wartburg College, Georgia Tech and Swarthmore College also have a midnight breakfast during finals week in which the faculty serve the students. Carnegie Mellon University's Midnight breakfast is held by the Student Life Organization and the Greek Life Community where both Greek Life members and faculty serve students. Similarly, a midnight breakfast event is held at Sarah Lawrence College to mark the beginning of Conference Week.

Friday midnights at Hampshire College are also known for their delicious breakfast foods at night, including chocolate chip pancakes and pastries.

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