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Developer(s)Aycan Gulez
Stable release
2010.05 / May 10, 2010 (2010-05-10)
Written inJavaScript
TypeWeb application framework
LicenseMIT License

Midori is an ultra-lightweight[1] JavaScript library. It makes JavaScript web development easier. It was created by Aycan Gulez[2] and hasn't been updated since June 2010. The website was down in November 2018, then since August 2019, it turned into various unrelated Japanese websites.



midori consists of 10 modules and is available as a single JavaScript file. It can be included within any web page by using the following markup:

<script type="text/javascript" src="path/to/midori.js"></script>

midori allows the use of standard CSS syntax to access DOM elements, and supports most CSS2 and CSS3 selectors.[3] There are three ways to work on returned DOM elements.

  • Passing JavaScript code to modify a single property, using the built-in apply() method:
// Sets the background color of all the cells in even rows to "yellow" in the "cities" table
midori.get('#cities tr:nth-child(even) td').apply('style.backgroundColor = "yellow"');
  • Passing a function that takes a single parameter for more complex operations, again using the apply() method:
// Marks the cells whose values are 12 or bigger in the "cities" table
midori.get('#cities td').apply(function (o) {
  if (parseInt(o.innerHTML) >= 12) o.style.backgroundColor = 'red';
  • Directly accessing array entries returned by midori.get() is also possible.
// Returns the first div element
var firstDiv = midori.get('div')[0];

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