Midori no Makibaō

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Midori no Makibaō
Midori no Makibao.jpg
GenreComedy, sports[1]
Written byTsunomaru
Published byShueisha
ImprintJump Comics
MagazineWeekly Shōnen Jump
Original runNovember 15, 1994April 1, 1997
Anime television series
Directed byNoriyuki Abe
Music byTaro Iwashiro
Original networkFuji TV
Original run March 2, 1996 July 12, 1997
Taiyou no Makibaō
Written byTsunomaru
Published byShueisha
MagazineWeekly Playboy
Original runMarch 26, 2007April 25, 2011
Taiyou no Makibaō W
Written byTsunomaru
Published byShueisha
MagazineWeekly Playboy
Original runMay 9, 2011November 14, 2016
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Midori no Makibaō (みどりのマキバオー, lit. "Green Meadow King") is a manga series written and illustrated by Tsunomaru and serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump. It was also adapted into an anime series.


Midori Makibaō is a small white mule. Compared to the other thoroughbred horses, his physical size comparable to a donkey with wide nostrils. However, with guts and speed as his weapons, Makibaō wins in every big race.

At the beginning of his career, Makibaō has trouble making his debut as a racehorse. But he has reasons to overcome his difficulties; a lifelong rival horse called Superhorse Cascade, that Makibaō needs to defeat. Plus, he is determined to win back his mother, Midori, a horse that had been taken away to pay debts.

There are many hardships that Makibaō has to overcome, but he thrives in a series of races to become a great racehorse.



  • Midori Makibaō / Tarezo Unko (ミドリマキバオー / うんこたれ蔵, Unko Tarezō) Voiced by: Inuko Inuyama
  • Cascade (カスケード, Kasukēdo) Voiced by: Tesshō Genda
  • Amago Wakuchin (アマゴワクチン) Voiced by: Yasunori Matsumoto
  • Nitronics (ニトロニクス, Nitoronikusu) Voiced by: Kōji Ishii
  • Ancalgia (アンカルジア, Ankarujia) Voiced by: Yoshiko Kamei
  • Beanaccle (ベアナックル, Beanakkuru) Voiced by: Takashi Nagasako
  • Tū Cutter (トゥーカッター, Tūkattā) Voiced by: Nobuaki Fukuda
  • Morriaror (モーリアロー, Mōriarō) Voiced by: Misato Yamada
  • Satomi Amazon (サトミアマゾン, Satomi Amazon) Voiced by: Eiji Itō
  • Makibako (マキバコ) Voiced by: Ikue Ōtani
  • Blitz (ブリッツ, Burittsu)
  • Midoriko (ミドリコ) Voiced by: Mizuka Arima
  • Hiropon (ヒロポン)
  • Peter II (ピーターII, Pītā II) Voiced by: Jūrōta Kosugi
  • Shabitel (ツァビデル, Shabiteru) Voiced by: Akio Ōtsuka
  • El Salem (エルサレム, Eru Saremu)
  • Fried Chicken Voiced by: Toru Ohkawa



  1. 生まれてオドロいた! Being born, Makibao it was!
  2. うんこたれ蔵! The Burrito it is densely to droop, the warehouse!
  3. 鬼の調教師! Tamer of Orge!
  4. カスケード登場! Cascade Appearance!
  5. だめになる! It Becomes Useless!
  6. 立つんだ たれ蔵! It Stands, It Is the Flap Warehouse Which Is!
  7. 誰がのるの?! Someone Rides?!
  8. みどり牧場の王様 The King of the Green Ranch
  9. 強くなるぞっ!! It Becomes Strong, Scared!!
  10. 嵐のデビュー!! Debut of storm!!
  11. つっこめ! たれ蔵!! Thrust! Flap Warehouse!!
  12. どっちが強いの!? Either One is Strong!?
  13. 黒い殺し屋! Black Killer!
  14. 甘ったれるな〜!! Do not be Over-Reliant!!
  15. もう迷わない! No More Hesitations!!
  16. はかったな!! Unmeasurable!!
  17. けちらせ! 泥んこ!! Kick Away! Mud!!
  18. 行け!! バレリーナ作戦 Let's Go!! Ballerina Operation
  19. カスケードデビュー!! Cascade's Debut!!
  20. 魔のトライアングル Magical Triangle
  21. 根性200%!! Spirit 200%!!
  22. ハハキトク
  23. 試練の雨! 朝日杯の朝!! Rain Trial! Morning of Asahi Cup!!
  24. 1600Mのサバイバル!! 1600 m Survival!!
  25. 三強激走!! 勝つのは?! Competition among the Strongest Three!! Who is the Winner?!
  26. 勝負あり?! 菅助涙のムチ!! To the White Meadows, Mongolia!
  27. 白い草原、モンゴルへ! A Man-to-man Fight in the Wilderness
  28. 原野の一騎討ち!! Awakened!! Wild Power!!
  29. 目覚めろ!! 野生の力!! Awake!! Power of Wildness!!
  30. たれ蔵・命がけの疾走!! Strong Attack!! The Death Fight of Wrath!!
  31. 猛突進!! 怒りの死闘!! Devil's Lucky House
  32. 悪魔のラッキーホース Foul! Ro's Determination!!
  33. 反則あり! アローの執念!! Duel! Dangerous Race!!
  34. 対決! 危険なレース!! Clash!! The Wounded Spirit!!
  35. 激突!! 傷だらけの根性!! Two Traps! Start of Competition!!
  36. 2つの罠! 皐月賞スタート!! A White Miracle!!
  37. 起こせ!! 白い奇跡!! Tremble!! The Invisible Enemy!!
  38. 戦慄!! 見えない敵!! Fierce Battle!! Japan's Derby!!
  39. 激闘!! 日本ダービー!! Reach out to Japan's Goal!!
  40. 届け!! へ日本一のゴール!! Report!! To the goal of Japan one!!
  41. 母を訪ねてばんえい競馬 Visiting the Mother
  42. 宿敵・ヒゲ親子の野望 It is to be to obtain, Challenge from ambitious Makibao of the horse racing
  43. マキバコからの挑戦! Inn Enemy with Parent and Child!
  44. さらばおかーちゃん!! Good-bye -!!
  45. 山奥の秘密特訓!! Secret intensive training of Mountain Inner Part!!
  46. 異変?! たれ蔵大変身?! Accident?! Flap Warehouse Large Transformation?!
  47. 発走!! 決意の菊花賞!! Start!! Chrysanthemum flower prize of Determination!!
  48. 先手必勝!! 菅助の大勝負!! Helper certain victory!! Help large game!!
  49. 崩壊!! 黒い帝王伝説!!
  50. 新コーチ・ツァビデル!!
  51. 激突!! 決戦の有馬記念!!
  52. 命がけのラストスパート!!
  53. 注げ全力!! 最後の決着!!
  54. はらぺこ! たれ蔵裁判
  55. アメリカのマキバオー!!
  56. とらわれのマキバコ!!
  57. 発見?! 幻の最強馬!!
  58. 恐怖のマグネット作戦!!
  59. 大暴れ!! アマゾン脱出!!
  60. 史上最大のレース!!
  61. 走れ!! 世界のマキバオー!!

Production staff[edit]

  • Director: kirigaya
  • Series Composition: Hiroshi Hashimoto

Theme songs[edit]

Opening theme
  1. Hashire Makibaō (走れマキバオー, Run, Makibaō) by FMAP
Ending theme
  1. Tottemo Umanami (とってもウマナミ, A Very Good Average) by MEN'S 5


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